Enterprises should be out of the micro blog marketing errors

like any one with hundreds of millions of users of Internet products, micro-blog launched immediately after setting off a wave of frenzy, the brightest stars and grassroots Master, have first settled in micro-blog, just like a "most unusual micro-blog wind" scene.

first batch of stars and grassroots Master have tasted the sweetness in micro-blog, to attract the attention of many, like everyday life in the spotlight of the center. In addition to the crazy growth of individual users, more and more enterprises are also aimed at micro-blog, micro-blog have set up the enterprise account, intent on the stage of micro-blog resourceful.

micro-blog okay?

in the operation of the enterprise micro-blog, the majority of enterprises are in the process of learning, by not familiar with. At the beginning, we may not know how to play, is open every day, send micro-blog, brush sense of presence. Then to some of the micro-blog marketing courses on the enterprise micro-blog to forward, to comment, to add powder. Most companies micro-blog began to send micro-blog, increase the number of micro-blog, in order to get the desired number of indicators. Can not find content on some chicken soup, gossip ah, the formation of a "one is not enough, two for the" micro-blog business scene. In the development process of micro-blog, but also spawned a number of micro-blog generation operators, professional operating companies micro-blog account. The emergence of a large number of micro-blog marketing companies or individuals, business levels are uneven. Micro-blog may have a strong marketing team operations, but in order to make more money, it will continue to pick up a new list. At this time, in order to save, they will advance to find a good material, and then regularly send out. So more, some enterprises micro-blog since the operation will of course to learn, to know the operation of micro-blog is going to cost. In this way, we will see a number of unattended enterprise micro-blog. As we all know, the company is operating with the Internet micro-blog product operations are the same, there is a KPI assessment, in addition to multiple micro-blog what is the way?. The results are very satisfactory, but virtually caused harm to the enterprise. In the view of Yu Tuo, now micro-blog operation has entered a misunderstanding, we all feel that the data is the most important, all the work around the turn on and layout, rather than to consider the enterprise operation of enterprise brand is micro-blog promotion, whether can maximize the spread of corporate brand, in fact our operating companies micro-blog has violated the original intention.



in the process of rapid development of micro-blog, there are already a lot of people realize that the information on micro-blog too much too messy. Sometimes, we pay attention to an account, it will often find that it will have nothing to do with the content of the account location, as well as a large number of plagiarism phenomenon exists. In the era of information explosion, no one will be interested in the information garbage, when you can’t see the fans long-term valuable content, they will leave? Of course, I believe micro-blog official also aware of the problem early on.

after a lot of attention to new things and crazy pursuit, there will be a lot of problems, need to make adjustments

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