Network marketing promotion after doubts the traffic surge then

whether or not willing to, the transformation of the Internet marketing has been a trend which cannot be halted. Many companies have been aware of the importance of network marketing, in the form of marketing outsourcing or recruitment of personnel to carry out network marketing activities. However, a phenomenon that can not be ignored is that due to lack of professional knowledge and information asymmetry, most of the company’s boss is very little knowledge of Internet marketing. Seemingly show and inquiry volume good, is established on the basis of the crazy burn. This is not the ultimate goal of marketing, we must know that sales is to sell, to profit. Network marketing is based on the Internet, the use of a wide range of promotional methods and tools to achieve the purpose of a sales campaign. Network marketing is also a systematic project, the importance of the camp, lofty in the sale of pure network promotion is not equal to network marketing. For businesses, the growth of the flow after the promotion is necessary, but to improve the sales of real profits is the ultimate goal.

marketing funnel principle know how much

from the positioning of the target group, to confirm the customer’s intention to win customer recognition, until the sales target, sales funnel principle. Network marketing as a way of marketing, sales of a link, it also has its own funnel principle.

is to show the amount of (the number of promotion results by netizens view), hits (the number of Internet users click on the promotion), traffic (the number of users to browse the website through the promotion, consultation) (the number of Internet users through the promotion, inquiry), volume (the number of Internet users through the promotion of the final transaction orders). From the beginning to the final show, orders, funnel trapezoidal shape, trapezoidal inclination of the smaller the higher conversion of marketing. It can be learned that, through the promotion of access to traffic, accounting for only the beginning of the entire network marketing funnel. How to retain users, guide users to consult, clinch a deal is more important.

with data to open the conversion password

well versed in network marketing, know the importance of data analysis, the data are from the days and months multiplying continuously optimize, advertising strategy. Network marketing data analysis, including the promotion of traffic analysis and website traffic analysis. Promote the flow analysis is very simple, is based on the delivery of media, keywords, put in the area, put the bid, put the target object, time and other data, analysis and summary of the advertising model. Proof of the marketing practice pilot Bo king, after a period of accumulation of data, the analysis of the model on advertising, can effectively improve the generalization of ROI.

site traffic analysis first to sort out the site put the structure, such as the general slightly professional company, will be devoted to the design of different advertising marketing transformation page. Through the flow tool, we can easily learn the different pages of the visitors stay time, the number of visits, as well as the depth of visitors, etc.. Through the flow of hot spots, we can also learn, which areas of a page is more concerned about the Internet users, providing strong data support for the design of the latter site.

website is the marketing center

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