Don’t treat clients as God They are three years old

there is a famous marketing "the customer is God, the customer is used to" like the rhymes of the people: "when I was young, the boss told me that the customer is God, let Dongmo to the west, even hit the wall." In practice, we find that the "truth" is not entirely accurate.

when the customer as God is said to have a psychological fear of customers, and sometimes the action to the customer as a three year old child:

children are usually simple, the idea is relatively simple;

children usually have their own logic and imagination;

children are usually like it very affectionate betrayed into anger, love you, love is not turned away;

children usually have to coax, use candy to lure, rather than intimidation with sticks;

children usually like to play together, engage in small groups, like is like, do not need any reason.

through the analysis of the characteristics of the child will find that many web sites are also the same as children and children, the site should be designed in accordance with the way to treat children.

first, the customer is usually because of a very simple needs to find your site, such as watching the news on Sina Adsense exchange to webmaster nets, statistics CNZZ, free Internet phone use the Internet phone. So you want to have a very distinctive theme, a lot of Internet information, Internet users demand is very poor, do not imagine your site can attract all users, only from a market segment to cut.

secondly, Internet users have their own unique characteristics and hobbies, some people will be accustomed to Sina News on the right side of the page, but do not like to go to the Sohu, because the news on the left side of the Sohu. Sometimes owners because of their display is widescreen, the web design into 1440*900, so that the number of Internet users 1024*768 accounted for about half of the customers lost. Fortunately, there are some visitors to the webmaster statistics can do some reference. Conclusion: if you are old and famous website, do not easily change your client access habits, if you are a new competition site, might as well do some unique, can attract some unhappy customers, market segments.

third, users love to express their views, may in reality too shy to suppress, add a user survey on the website, such as voting, can collect many useful information to improve. However, if you want to register and so on too cumbersome, you may be willing to wait half an hour to wait for a seat in the restaurant, but it is difficult to take a few minutes to do unnecessary registration.

fourth, to give customers the benefits and sweetness, he will love you more sites, such as the original content of your site, the picture is very beautiful, it PPMM a lot, these are the spirit of sweetness, material such as the Internet phone, can be registered to send free 6~100 minutes calls, Soufangwang ht>

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