Learning marketing fans with Luo sparkling spirit


Luo playing fans economy, let alone a bunch of Chinese cool plus the so-called Internet mobile phone, even millet, to tell the truth too far.

Luo through a known as the comic special conference last night, taught us how to do marketing fans.

team to be equipped with a variety of cross-border professionals. A picture of the loading force of the hammer conference is old photos. The illustration, the application of light and shadow, the style, do not know if that is a movie poster, this picture has become the old micro-blog liquor pictures, Luo heart YY, after many years, this will become the hammer powder for the collection of the gods. However, Luo fat, your swing is too heavy to make you


learn to talk about the point of view is not logical highlight feelings. "I don’t win, but seriously". It was not logical, like others do mobile phone, has always been winning, not serious like. This logic, through the old head to at the end of PPT. So old, time should be regressed point said he had told investors for money: spend freely, don’t make money. Money and you anxious. So convincing.

must have a relationship with the bull. He is the most confident place, is a hammer packaging. He got the Robert Brunner the industry legend, former Apple industrial design director, founder of ammunition design.

products have one or two dazzling details for generations. The hammer conference, fans will remember the "world’s fastest smart capture". Press on the left side of the button, and then at the subject, let go to take pictures.

fans participation. Hammer on the phone to achieve the top of the grid is reflected in the packaging box is equipped with a screwdriver, is not only a symbol of the spirit of the Artisan Jewelry, but also to open, install the battery accessories tools. Lei Jun, your fans in suansha? Only in software for advice, we as a Luo Yonghao fan, but in reality in the mobile phone hardware assembly.

to learn a sensational style. Want to know the end of the conference is just the beginning of marketing. After the end of Luo hammer conference micro-blog released a long micro-blog, called "I love the world". Announced the hammer phone conference tickets donated to the OpenSSL foundation. Today announced the presence of the people, for the security of the entire Internet world has made outstanding contributions, oh, in fact, that is a little contribution. As a hammer powder, suddenly feel forced bursting: Lao Tzu also changed the course of history: wow.

so after the press conference, hammer powder is like this:

mobile phone did not reach my psychological expectations, ah, there are many places in the cottage NOKIA, apple cottage ah.

but what can I say, you see a lot of details, or rather reflect Luo feelings.


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