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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 6th news, buy in China has been developing for five years. And a few years ago, thousands of war, barbaric growth compared to the current group buying industry pattern has been basically formed, the market gradually rational.

Since 2000,

network group purchase model is introduced into China so far, in the mad chase of capital, group purchase industry has experienced a capital darling, thousands of war, malicious competition, IPO crashed, the capital without food, cuts off station, and a series of integrated shuffle roller coaster experience. Group purchase capital market through the initial heat, a large number of group purchase website in 2012 ushered in the dragons and fishes jumbled together, closures, the industry shuffle out of a large number of enterprises in 2013 and 2014 into the adjustment phase enrichment.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center before released statistics show that by the end of 2013, the country of birth of the group purchase website 6246, is currently in operation in 870. Buy site closed down a total of 5376, closing rate of up to 86%.

shuffle after the group market concentration increased significantly. At present, the U.S. group, public comment, Wo Wo Group, handle network, glutinous rice nets, Gao Peng net top ten group purchase website has been firmly occupy the dominant position of the market, in the mobile group purchase and 020 is also well positioned. Last year, the top ten trading volume accounted for about 42% of the total market share, buy platform accounted for market share of the other, the number of small and medium sized network and the number of vertical web site transactions accounted for the rest of the market share of. On the other hand, buy the industry consolidation movement has never stopped, and from the small group buying site spread to a second tier camp.

this year is undoubtedly the final buy the industry reshuffle, buy site have experienced with the giant integration or financing, in this case, buy the industry as a whole, Matthew effect further intensified. According to the group 800 statistics, in April the turnover of the top 5 buy site accounted for the overall turnover of the top 98.8%, the top 3 buy site accounted for the overall turnover of $83.7%. Although the ranking of the advantages of the group buying site continues to increase, but from the geographical point of view, the group has not yet been completely reduced to the oligarchs game". According to the group of 800 to buy the site from the geographical division, found that the current group buying site still has its own sphere of influence, the regional development strategy is not the same as the group buying site. Like the mass comment of a second tier city turnover accounted for the 68.5% of the total, the United States mission the three or four line of the city accounted for 70% of the total, handle and litters of four line City turnover accounted for 54.3% and 43.6% respectively.

from the rise to the outbreak, and then to the downturn and recovery, just five years, the group has gone through a cycle. Whether it is to buy the site or business, in the reincarnation of the process, the market has brought a lot of surprises, but also bring a lot of reflection.

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