Baidu K station on the latest news Cc and Cn domain name ranking recovery official management reply

A5 Adsense nets latest news: 1.4 pm news, Baidu Webmaster Platform Baidu webmaster community moderator released the latest news: there is some children take this opportunity to promote a whoop and a holler without official confirmation of the information, and then took the opportunity to promote their related platform and exchange organization, just to communicate with the management of Baidu, will be as follows recovery information:


web search during the new year’s Day related system failure, resulting in some sites in the Baidu search results influenced by the related fluctuations, today to repair, is expected later today will be finished, please pay close attention to the information platform, do not spread and speculation related information. Baidu is not on the.Cn and.Cc domain name discrimination, please do not listen to rumors of this part of the site.

please pay attention to your site, don’t go around to send unconfirmed information…

Baidu webmaster community moderator announced


wrote in the end: if you have not been the site of Baidu’s recovery, then your site is really a big problem. Therefore, it is recommended to consult A5 Adsense network SEO team (A5 Marketing), enterprise QQ:800017899 through A5 official SEO diagnosis ( to help webmasters restore the site.

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