nternet free last supper O2O subsidies countdown

O2O subsidy countdown

"it will eventually take off the general public’s coat, aimed at a small number of people’s pocketbook"

more than 10 yuan taxi subsidies, 9.9 yuan car and Manicure, less than 5 yuan of the delivery fee, all kinds of scan code 1 cents free O2O fresh service experience…… In 2016 when the spring comes, such "peibenzhuanyaohe" has become history. "Free lunch" so gently away, unlike the original high profile.

subsidies disappear so fast and so


a spring festival time, makes a habit of a variety of O2O on-site service and develop "lazy cancer" Wang Min realized that a sudden reduction of the discount rate is not to work overtime to appease the staff during the Spring Festival add, but businesses and subsidies are invariably collective farewell.

set a good day to send 1 yuan free takeaway meals, washing the car, 9.9 yuan Manicure never had. The business subsidies disappear so fast and so decisive, different from the drums had announced the preferential.

in the O2O playoffs, free lunch has been and must be OUT. Valuable coupons less, use coupons conditions are more harsh: once filled with the WeChat group now drops taxi coupon once was unusually quiet, boring all take out deals red have long been missing figure. From all over the red envelopes to find missing, O2O’s red envelopes honeymoon period of some unexpected.

and shrink red envelope corresponds to the rise in the price of O2O services and longer waiting time. It takes 45 minutes from time to send only 1 kilometers away from home restaurant, delivery fee of 6 yuan is not negotiable; looking a little nail points have hundreds of patterns, than before the street Manicure store price is also expensive, have to tolerate Manicure because sister hurried to a constantly look up table; washing aunt and service is a collective "finished", when the "home" in the footsteps of the "dirty see" of the car and the room, do it yourself, maybe is the best choice.

knockout shots have started

this thing before the Spring Festival is determined, the thought of the new year after the news again so that we have a good year, I did not expect to start my phone on the hotline." In February 17th, 58 acquisition of Manicure News Home Dudu finally settled, 58 Home Public Relations Department spokesman Kang Yu mobile phone has been ringing off the hook, the 58 home seems to be "not expensive" transactions, also marks the opening year of monkey with the tide.

, a great impact, but cheap can not believe, is the industry for the evaluation of the transaction. Some media reports said the transaction was only about 2 million. But in October 31, 2014, Dudu Manicure has announced Sequoia Capital and capital source of 10 million U.S. dollars A round of financing. Although the final amount of the acquisition was not disclosed, but the spread of digital and tens of millions of dollars in financing gap is great, "

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