nventory 2014 of the four major network Diablo way so that PC users suffer the most

the Internet world in the past 2014 is not very peaceful, from the beginning of the year 12306 by the black lead to the username and password leaked to the plaintext, known as the "Heartbleed OpenSSL exposure (bleeding heart)" vulnerability, serious threat to online shopping, social and other fields, and SONY because of a controversial comedy by many hackers is a network security placed in the teeth of the storm…… Recently, the company released the "2014 360 Internet China dark world report", pointed out that the vulnerabilities gradually rise in 2014, the major site of a spate of data breaches, trojan virus killing, grey trend is obvious, the rogue promotion, killing Trojans increased significantly.

Diablo promotion software rampant victims of users ranked fifth in Shanghai

report, QQ hacking, rogue promotion, and induction plug and four Internet porn dark way has become the main means of infringement of PC users, including rogue and induced promotion compared with the previous year increased by 8%, a profit – scale gray industrial chain in the biggest internet.

QQ transmission of malicious programs accounted for more than 14% respectively, which is transmitted through QQ malware for QQ hacking program. Once the QQ has been hacking, QQ account will lead to "fall", bring a large number of chain reaction. According to the analysis, more than 78% of the QQ hacking program for camouflage QQ armyworm, some to drill brush, brush the member name, to trick the user to enter the account password. Most QQ armyworm disguised as PDF, Word, Ex-cel document form or picture file icon, the "order details" and "refund" naming. "When users encounter this type of file, pay attention to whether the extension is’ exe ‘or’ SCR ‘, and if so, do not run."

addition, the promotion and the promotion of rogue promotion is no essential difference, but in the form of a slightly different promotion. With the promotion of rogue silent installation, other software installed on the user’s perception of force and no choice situation; in some obscure ways induced promotion for users to choose, and use a variety of means to disguise or induce confuse users.

from the year 2014 of the rogue to promote the analysis of the situation, the most popular type of rogue promotion for players to promote, accounting for more than 50%. Induction of the promotion of the source for the online movie site and download stations, respectively, corresponding to various types of induced promotion of movie players and download stations bundled bundled software downloader. The site must have installed TOP10 as an example, the 10 software total more than 40 million downloads, and each one is the special download download station bundled with several promotion software, assuming only 1/10 users were induced by the installation, download station from the ten software can grab millions or tens of millions of dollars in profits. The report also said that by statistics on the user’s location, such as the promotion of the most popular in Guangdong, followed by Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other regions.

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