WeChat hit a personal circle of friends fake achievements 8 months Feng Ting account 11200

[TechWeb] reported on March 14th news, in 3· 15 approaching, WeChat announced the fight against personal circle of friends selling fruits. WeChat brand maintenance platform launched 8 months, a total ban suspected of selling fake account 11200, most concentrated in the account and selling bags, clothing and footwear and other goods.


WeChat hit a personal circle of friends fake achievements: 8 months Feng Ting account 11200

WeChat brand maintenance platform on the line last July, WeChat team used "WeChat users to report – brand – WeChat in false verification team" closed-loop mechanism in the fight against infringement and selling. So far, there are from 9 countries, more than 300 brands to join the WeChat platform, to send tens of thousands of alleged infringement of fake account notice.

has joined WeChat brand rights platform brands, luxury goods accounted for the majority, reached 44%, becoming the number one goal of WeChat brand rights platform against the "fake fake".

According to data released by WeChat

, bags, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, perfumes, these five types of merchandise and selling the largest amount of report. Among them, the number of bags and other clues to reach 31.2% of the total, ranking first, followed by clothing category, accounting for 25.4%. Footwear, perfume, cosmetics brand complaints were 18%, 6.8% and 4.7%. Banned WeChat personal account of the geographical distribution, Guangdong, Fujian is the hardest hit, Shandong, Hebei and other places are densely distributed District disposal account.

said WeChat, WeChat brand rights platform has entered a period of stable operation, four measures to make it become an important weapon of many brands and WeChat users tear pseudo "Mask" brand.

is the first "fake clues universal", the WeChat brand rights platform, brand can push through the platform, get millions of WeChat users provide clues;

followed by the identification of professional rights". At the invitation of the WeChat brand rights platform brand, intellectual property protection system to improve brand ability, professional fake Xuanjian Fang Yan, will try to avoid the error caused by the identification of brand identification ability is insufficient, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the users of WeChat


is "the process of electronic processing and efficient processing". Whether it is submitted by WeChat users to report clues, is to identify and send the results of the brand side, or account penalties and account appeals process, WeChat brand rights platform truly achieve full electronic processing. Under normal circumstances, the platform will be completed within 24 hours after receiving the conclusions of the identification (within 48 hours of special circumstances), to ensure that the report clues to maximize the accurate, effective and fast processing;

finally, processing results of transparency is an important commitment WeChat team of users, the infringement complaint process to submit fake clues to users, brands are transparent, WeChat team.

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