Stationmaster net broadcast Ali mobile payment Tencent easecredit melee two camps in fighting

1 WeChat blueprint: the integration of multiple line connection

the ability to reshape

three years ago, born in the mobile Internet, WeChat began to do another thing, reshaping the online and offline contacts.

this change is no longer online payment, offline services, but will be incorporated into a series of pool of ability to help third parties, thereby changing the relationship between people and the outside world. Among them, WeChat’s public platform is the carrier of this connection, rather than its overseas competitors Line advertising business.

in November 19th, in the birthplace of WeChat Guangzhou, the team moved into a new office building, but more outsiders are concerned about the afternoon of the convening of the general assembly of the communication partners (hereinafter referred to as the communication conference). Although WeChat Product Manager Zhang Xiaolong did not attend, not even like in Beijing in August that the forum video propaganda, but it can be seen that WeChat is the integration of Tencent the ability of the platform with another set of ideas, is the most important sign of nine ability to open them.

2 millet Baidu grand enter the smart Router Market in the future or free


Internet giant hunting intelligent router battle is being waged.

a number of sources, millet, Baidu, 360 and Shanda and other Internet giants will continue to release intelligent wireless router products, in 2014 or will become the first year of intelligent router".

3 tell you why not grab millet phone

November 19th, millet mobile phone again open to buy, the official did not disclose the number of open end, probably Rice noodles will say: "open the number of Taiwan digital sense? It is not grab", digital products are not necessarily line up to give money to send out today, small is a typical mobile phone meter millet, it’s hard to buy? Why two computer three browser can not grab? Today IT ear to tell you some of the reasons.

4 Ding Lei

announced "freak": the reasons behind easecredit two camps in fighting

on Thursday night, NetEase CEO Ding Lei finally unbearable to easecredit freak, the trigger point is easy to believe the product managers in preparation for the next update to increase social acquaintance function inside, Ding Lei think the term "problem", easecredit competitors "and", "street street and other application of a series of gun.

last weekend, several easecredit friends, including middle company, to Ding Lei "freak" behind with the author was tucao.

5 vertical electric providers love recycling B round of financing is expected to start the scale of tens of millions of

love recycling co-founder Sun Wenjun confirmed yesterday evening, has launched the B round of financing plan. Public information, the company has completed the A round of financing at the end of 2011, the lead cast is morningstar.

According to informed sources

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