Adsense network broadcast 3Q World War Tencent won the ant financial services group

1.360: the Tencent v. antitrust case upheld the dismissal of the 360 demands of

October 16th morning news, the Supreme People’s court today on the 360 Tencent abuse of market dominance case of second instance verdict, the court held that the judgment of the facts is inappropriate, but the applicable law is correct, appropriate judgment results, it dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict.

360 v. Tencent has a dominant position in the market for instant messaging software and services. In November 3, 2010, Tencent Inc and Tencent computer company issued "of a letter to the majority of QQ users, 360 software banned its users express Qihoo, or stop QQ software services; 360 software to install the user refused to provide software services, forcing the user to delete 360 software; take technical means to prevent the installation of 360 the browser user access to the QQ space, during which a large number of users to delete the related software company Qihoo.

360 company believes that the above acts constitute a restricted transaction Tencent. In addition, Tencent Inc and Tencent computer company QQ software housekeeper and instant messaging software bundled with the name of the QQ software to upgrade the installation of QQ doctor, constitute bundling sales. Tencent Inc and Tencent computer company jointly implement the abuse of dominant market position, resulting in damage to the 360 companies should bear joint and several liability.

2 net effect violations peek-a-boo network jurisprudence cloak draped  

in mid April 2014 so far, a unified nationwide crackdown on online pornography special action to achieve greater results. However, with the help of the network platform, mobile phone software and other emerging means, some illegal behavior Phi invisibility cloak, playing the metamorphosis, more subtle.

invisibility cloak: shop into a pornographic video sales platform

reporter in Taobao search directly before the "porn" and "adult film" Taobao keyword, pop-up prompt: according to relevant laws and regulations and policies related to the baby can not display.

but when the reporter tried to search other indirect keywords found that the sale of pornographic video is still a lot of these resources, the price ranging from a few blocks to dozens of pieces, sales of up to dozens of.

3 mobile Internet first antitrust case hearing: m v. 360  technology;

China Mobile antitrust case of the Internet is about to be held in Beijing second intermediate people’s court hearing. The plaintiff Beijing Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as m m Technology), Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. the Qihoo (hereinafter referred to as Qihoo Technology), the cause of action for unfair competition and Qihoo and abuse of market dominance.


meters technology is an innovative mobile Internet Co rise in recent years, the main.

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