Net 2016 the first half of more than 3 thousand Bad sites

news August 5th, yesterday, the anti pornography Working Group Office released a "net net 2016 special action stage of success. According to statistics, the first half of the national total, investigating online pornography cases since 712, handling network bad and harmful information of more than 86.9, of which more than 52.9 pornographic information; closed down 3612 bad sites, including pornographic websites 811.


According to

reports, beginning in late March, the national anti pornography office will be webcast platform of jurisprudence as a "focus on the net net 2016 special action, multi sectoral coordination central network information office, the Ministry of public security, Ministry of culture, press and publication administration, the deployment carried out for a period of 2 months of network broadcast platform jurisprudence special rectification actions. Network platform to spread pornographic vulgar information, pornography and other phenomena have been significantly curbed.

in the first quarter, the national anti pornography Office jointly with the Department of the central campaign against the use of cloud disk to spread pornographic information special rectification action, all localities and departments to coordinate effectively, with a large number of individuals using the cloud disk dissemination of pornographic materials case. At the same time, the network supervision departments to promote cloud service enterprises to actively fulfill the main responsibility, conscientiously carry out self correction, rectification response, some enterprises with their own reality of product function of the overall adjustment. After special rectification, cloud disk jurisprudence issue has been a strong solution.

in addition, the Ministry of public security decided from the end of July until the end of October, the organization to carry out special rectification work in the network broadcast platform nationwide, to strengthen the safety management of network broadcast platform.

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