Outac traced back rent arrears disappeared owed at least tens of millions

Shenzhen evening news (reporter Yan Zhaoxiong) outstanding Internet companies, honest Internet companies"…… In Futian international e-commerce Industrial Park Shenzhen ctoall Network Technology Co. Ltd., is a wall of honor. Recently, the company has led to "wage arrears" boss "run away" rumors. Reporter in October 29th from Merlin street and Futian e-commerce Industrial Park was informed that they can not contact the Internet network of legal representative and other executives. Yesterday, reporters repeatedly call outac legal representative Wang Xuemei phone, but she did not receive SMS reply, said the company is currently overseas due to upstream bank default settlement in the predicament, is actively processing, convenient to contact reporters.

"Star" business deserted

in October 28th, more than in the Futian business throughout the international e-commerce Industrial Park, said the company owed outac settlement". At that time, the company originally outac technology building the Park 9 floor office, is empty. Merchants are removed to establish contact, in October 29th, they rushed to the City Public Security Bureau of economic investigation bureau.

reporter yesterday in Futian District international e-commerce Industrial Park saw outac office empty, confetti everywhere. Statistics show that Shenzhen ctoall Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, registered capital of 100 million yuan, the legal representative Wang Xuemei, has now become Futian District e-commerce Industrial Park of "leading enterprise", with honor.

in the settlement, and wage arrears

traders said outac claims that businesses over one hundred thousand, the existing more than and 150 reflects the arrears settlement models, of which 61 have been calculated by default about 4000000. Conservative estimates, at least 10 million in arrears settlement." Merchant said mr.. "There are no signs, we are very surprised." Futian international e-commerce Industrial Park Management Office staff, since July this year, the network network to "late" "next month" for rent arrears, September 13th, outac employees to reflect the management outac legal representative "ran".

Merlin street labor staff, labor wages outac interventional treatment, then a director surnamed outac. September 14th morning, fifty or sixty employees and the company reached an agreement. He did not introduce the specific content of the agreement. He said, these days there are outac employees to work again, said outac did not perform the mediation agreement. The reporter learned from informed sources, outac and employees reached agreement on termination of labor contract, party a commitment before September 20th net net payment of wages, wages in August and September 13 days ago in addition, employees can take the computer as the termination of the contract, compensation.

a number of affiliated companies do not know

Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau, the main market information display, directional network, silver deep science and technology and Kun Schindler 3 companies, registered address is also in the industrial park, science and technology building, 9 floor.

data show that the silver deep technology companies have in outac holding 60% equity > variable

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