Website investment suspected of lying in the dream of a pyramid scheme

, a company called VTB investment banking financial club website, static investment monthly rate of return of 20% as bait to attract a large number of members. At the same time, the site also set up a dynamic investment model, membership offline will receive the rebate. Recently, the VTB website suddenly closed, members are "ants on a hot pan". Each of them in the website invested a few million or even several hundred thousand dollars, now lost. Li Xu, President of China Association of anti MLM, said, VTB investment banking financial club has been suspected of pyramid selling network crime.

trap 1 lying can make money

in July 7th this year, when working in Beijing Ms. Zheng Internet, to see a lot of people talking about a called VTB investment banking club website. Later, she and a "penthouse" of users through QQ connection, the other said he is the site staff.

"penthouse", website has a "static investment" and "investment" two financial plan. Which static investment minimum investment of 1000 yuan, up to $200 thousand. From the date of investment, the daily dividend yield of 1.5%, a total of dividends for 120 days, but the principal is not refundable. Ms. Zheng figured, if she invested 10000 yuan, 120 days after the plane off the principal, she can be a net profit of 8000 yuan, the rate of return of up to 20% months.

VTB investment banking club also committed to each member to set up an account on the company’s platform, the daily bonus directly into the members of their account. However, if you want to go to the personal bank account, to pay 5% commission. Ms. Zheng borrowed 20 thousand yuan, in July 19th voted in. Second days to check her account, real return of 300 yuan. She was very excited and thought, "that’s great. I can make money lying down".

pull the head can trap 2 rebate of

also joined the Beijing guy Fang Ming (a pseudonym). After the 80 young people voted 50 thousand yuan in June 20th, of which $4800 opened a dynamic investment sapphire members".

Ming dynamic member, if he could recommend a person to become a sapphire member, you can get 1600 yuan straight tuijiang. If his line to the development of the sapphire member, Fang Ming will be the "see point award 200 yuan, so the layers of rebate. Wait until the eleventh floor, Fang Ming can get out of about 800000.

Fang Ming did not how to develop offline, he felt that the static investment rate of return is very high, and later invested 100 thousand yuan into the money hit a call Zhang Feng personal account. But Fang Ming learned that have developed many members off the assembly line, some of the friends and relatives, neighbors dragged in.

Li Xu, chairman of the China Association of anti

folk association, a reporter described the party to participate in the dynamic investment model, immediately concluded that this is a network marketing. Li Xu said, there are three characteristics of pyramid schemes: pay entry fees, the development of offline, through direct or indirect Development >

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