The South China Morning Post Shanghai FTA no firewall including Facebook and twitter network ban

on the mainland government before making a decision, will lift the ban Shanghai FTA network, people in the district will be free to visit the mainland government over the years has been regarded as some foreign websites politically sensitive, including the world’s two largest social media Facebook and Twitter, and the "New York Times" and other newspapers and websites.

Shanghai free trade zone is the first free trade zone in the mainland, similar to the mode of operation in Hongkong. Know the anonymous government sources told us that the FTA management department will also invite foreign telecom companies to bid for the regional internet service licence.

sources said that the mainland’s three major telecom giants – state-owned China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have been informed of the matter, know that the Shanghai free trade zone will compete directly with foreign rivals.

sources also said that the three major telecom giants did not complain too much, mainly because they understand that the decision has been approved by the top leaders such as prime minister Li Keqiang. Li Keqiang Shanghai FTA can be expected to become the main test site, the pilot major domestic financial and economic reform measures.

a problem for highly sensitive and anonymous government sources said the FTA to attract foreign investment, let the foreigners to live and work in peace, we must build a Guests feel at home. environment. If foreigners can not log in Facebook or browse the New York Times website, you will think that there is no special area compared with other parts of the mainland.

but sources also said that only the Shanghai free trade zone will lift the ban, no other regions in the mainland. At the end of August the State Council approved the official launch of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the region has a total area of 28.78 square kilometers, located in Shanghai Pudong New Area, covering the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Yangshan Deepwater Port and Shanghai Pudong Airport area.

government sources told us earlier this month, if the initial operation of the FTA, successfully attracted more foreign investment, to further promote the mainland foreign exchange and interest rate liberalization, capital flows to the mainland, restructuring the economy has helped, the central may further expand the scope of the free trade area in the next few years, eventually covering the entire Pudong. Pudong New Area covers an area of 1210.4 square kilometers.

Facebook and Twitter play an important role in the political movement in the Middle East in recent years. Since the mainland government is worried about the impact of new media on social stability, the two social networks have been blocked since 2009. Although the mainland has become second only to the United States the world’s second largest economy, but is still tightly controlled by the media, the Ministry of public security Chinese operation of the Golden Shield Project (commonly known as the Great Wall firewall) blocked many websites.

many major foreign news websites have also been blocked by the mainland, including the New York Times website. Last year, "New York Times" refers to the former Prime Minister Wen Jiabao’s family had amassed huge wealth through secret investment, which also may be involved in bribery. Because it is difficult to access these sites in the mainland, and sometimes even the world’s top search

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