Adsense network broadcast 000webhost was dragged library express real name system is difficult to im

1 express real name system implemented on the first day of a number of companies did not implement  

November 1st, in addition to the existing security guarantee mechanism of letters and express customer agreement, through self-help post office sent mail, express mail, phone number and all the requirements of the relevant identity information on the verification before posting.

reporter 1 in Beijing, Zhejiang, Yunnan and other places to investigate the interview learned that the implementation of the real name system around the width of a different, express the autonomy of the larger, the presence of the identity card inspection more casual situation. There is no sign of the real name system due to the registration fee and lead to the rise. Some courier companies are responsible for per capita, said the real name system will increase the cost of landing, to a certain extent, have an impact on efficiency, but for security reasons, even if there is still a problem to be implemented. According to Xinhua News Agency

2 Internet lottery can restart the industry reshuffle is approaching  

has gone through the 5 stop of the Internet lottery again to see the hope of restart. With the "outgoing China lottery" 13th Five-Year "planning completed" message, let the silence more than half a year in the industry to rekindle the fire of hope. From last year during the world cup, Taobao WeChat to pay "lottery" hot, the sale of color online and offline mode lead to riches, put on the coat of traditional Internet lottery industry has attracted much attention, but quiet reflection, perhaps behind the deep thought of what are the interests of the game to stop the lottery industry in the end? What are the problems of multi view,? The Internet lottery is to restart the industry faces represent the general trend, major reshuffle.

sooner or later have to restart

has been halted since February this year, the Internet has been constantly rumored to restart the lottery. Every wind sways grass Internet lottery industry, will lead to the media and the capital market hot. Recently there is news that the China lottery "13th Five-Year" planning has been finished, and the plan mentioned in the case of legal compliance to restart the Internet lottery, and the issuance of more licence. The news sparked speculation that the Internet lottery business really entered the countdown countdown


3.000webhost was dragged library 13 million user password exposure

A5 ( station network November 2nd news, to provide free Web hosting service virtual host 000Webhost, has been blasting 5 months ago because of the old version of the PHP vulnerability to hacking, about 13000000 users, the plaintext password and login IP e-mail address is stolen, in addition to these data by open outcry, $2000.

000webhost official confirmed in Facebook was hacked, details are as follows:

we have found that our database on the primary server is compromised. Hackers are using the old version of PHP contains a exp upload some files, access to

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