Ma’s three visit to South Korea South Korea will cooperate with the government of South Korea

Ma three visit to South Korea, South Korea will cooperate with the government of South Korea


technology news August 18th evening news, August 18, 2014 afternoon local time, South Korean President Park Geun hye met with Alibaba in Chong Wa Dae (scroll information) Group chairman of the board Ma line. According to local media reports, the two sides ROK in electronic trading, games, television and other areas of cooperation and exchanged views, Ali and South Korea are likely in e-commerce, tourism, mobile internet field, launched a series of cooperation.

this is Ma Yun’s three visit to South Korea within six months. So intensive visit to South Korea, Alibaba and South Korea to reach what level of cooperation?

according to sources, Ma and Pu Jinhui talks focused the success of market access to the network Chinese in electronic commerce — help South Korean companies, as well as in games, video and other content areas, and South Korea cooperation enterprises. Ma met with Pu Jinhui, but also met a number of senior officials in the field of economy in korea.

is particularly noteworthy is that Ma and Pohang electronics CEO held talks, as a subsidiary of Pohang iron and steel company, Pohang electronic intelligent security is Asia’s most technologically advanced, industry insiders speculated that MA in the talks, is likely to be explored and Pohang consortium cooperation.

with Park Geun hye met Ma, Ali will also implement a series of cooperation and South Korea, and South Korea’s Tmall international vertical electricity supplier company (Korea Street) Street South Korea signed a strategic cooperation agreement, South Korea street at the Tmall international flagship store service, South Korean companies, the former South Korea’s largest online retailer Gmarket has been stationed in Tmall international, joined Tmall international, Gmarket street and South Korea will be able to enjoy the bonded import mode of Tmall international, bring high cost of Korean goods for consumers China. will also become the Inchon Asian Games official website support only China area propaganda and ticketing technology, promote the code Amoy strategy to achieve a two-dimensional code tickets online ordering, brush admission code O2O cross-border cooperation under the line. "The official cooperation with the Asian Games Organizing Committee, will be a more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, including the Asian Games, South Korea travel tickets, hotel ticket refund, Online in Taobao, Alipay Offline, in O2O Korea support cross-border multi line cooperation can provide a better user for the Alibaba outbound travel experience." Alibaba group vice president of epilepsy.

Alibaba and Samsung cooperation has long been rumored, during the end of last year he went to Korea to attend the second session of the China Internet Roundtable, had a secret meeting with Samsung executives, industry insiders speculated that in the mobile Internet, smart glasses and other fields, Ali and Samsung will cooperate.

is currently experiencing difficulties in China Samsung, the need for such a strong partner Alibaba. Alibaba has a strong e-commerce platform

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