WeChat obsessive compulsive disorder avatar logic how the enterprise marketing

recently, WeChat friends started a head for the storm, more and more friends will own WeChat head into a message with a picture on the marked unread, let friends will think there is a new message, and thus could not go to the point, the last spoof success this form from the emergence of WeChat swept the entire circle, for many Virgo and OCD patients brought no small trouble, so far, more and more users of WeChat has changed the form of avatar, and micro WeChat after the rise of a series of "malignant spread" event, how to use this kind of thinking of WeChat the marketing platform, will enable enterprises to face the new WeChat marketing and online marketing ideas, realize the transformation of marketing ideas.

Fast propagation of

high frequency applications

WeChat has become a major social way many young men and women since the rise, with the increased use of more and more users are constantly added to WeChat, according to official statistics, 58 media advertising, WeChat has more than 600 million users, this is not only the mainstay after 70 and 80 of the current society, and there are 90 and 00 after these is becoming active users of social software, and even appeared in the 60, which makes WeChat become high-frequency applications, new things appear in the high frequency applications will inevitably lead to the spread of the increase, but also makes people more widely accepted, enterprises should learn from this idea, to high frequency application as a starting point of marketing, to continue to promote through high frequency applications.

obsessive-compulsive disorder avatar targeted strong


is a high frequency, which is the use of all kinds of people, more and more people to join WeChat, WeChat has become an important tool for social networking, people gradually enhance to WeChat’s dependence and compulsive, which provides a good opportunity for WeChat as the WeChat head of obsessive-compulsive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder. The picture is mainly aimed at the Virgo population as well as for these people with obsessive-compulsive disorder group, "torture" and "spoof" to achieve their own results, can be said to be in a "virus" spread strong, achieve the effect is also the general information cannot match, therefore, with the help of this idea in marketing, we first need to establish their own marketing and target groups, through the target group of the total characteristics of timely marketing, This effect must be significant.

grassroots help, adding fuel to the flames

The spread of

things is not only a carrier of information, more important is to promote the characters and events, WeChat public platform is a relatively more open platform, in the platform gathering of the large group of many grassroots groups, these crazy push Chong pushed to the opinion of the obsessive-compulsive disorder avatar, in general in the teeth of the storm much of the obsessive-compulsive disorder avatar, has attracted more and more people reproduced as well as the use of what we see through this phenomenon is a group of influential role in marketing promotion, in addition to a large area, the most important.

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