Pocket shopping 350 million what would dare to challenge Taobao

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financing $350 million, dare to challenge Taobao, pocket shopping with what


has just completed the C round of $350 million financing in Beijing pocket Fashion Technology Co., Ltd. founder Wang Ke still reveals the technology of male humility, of course, in this humble is more deliberate ambition. Humility is said for $350 million C round of financing, "said Wang Ke very pragmatic benefits into the money only for me is to have more chance of trial and error, this is the only"; said ambition is because he often put a word — "Guazaizuibian infrastructure".

Prior to this, only Taobao,, such as the super electronic business platform will be referred to the infrastructure of the word, Wang Ke hopes to be able to create the same pocket on the mobile Internet platform for super electricity supplier. In January this year, the official launch of the pocket of the buyers trading platform micro shop, like wildfire detonated mobile electricity supplier. As of September this year, there have been 12 million 850 thousand businesses, the goods are traded on the micro SKU 1 billion 100 million. You know, to the full range of goods is also known as Taobao 1 billion 600 million SKU.

when the pocket on the mobile Internet to build a perfect ecosystem, it may become another Taobao.

do mobile shopping platform

Wang Ke was born in 1984 in a Indoorsman, he keenly felt the impact of mobile Internet on small and micro economy, also found that the traditional electricity supplier pain points. Users who shop on Taobao, the most they turn to fiftieth pages on the page will not be turned back, so they will only see the top 5% of the goods. For the 95% stores, sell things do not make money; the 5% stores and is expensive because the flow did not earn money.

with the micro shop settled merchants soared, Wang Ke also under great pressure, he designed the magnificent territory, is based on a good ecosystem.

Wang Ke decided to do something. In May 2011, angel investor Lei Jun’s help, he came from Xiamen, Beijing, founded the pocket. Pocket launched the first product is a APP Taobao, the main mobile shopping. Wang Ke found that the mobile terminal is different from the PC side of the biggest feature is fragmentation, he has also done before the electricity supplier on the PC, found that the user in the mobile terminal collection of a commodity is 49 times the frequency of PC. In fact, the reason is very simple, mobile phone or tablet screen is smaller than PC, if a commodity then look tired, users often see a few barely meet the needs of their products on the first collection. The PC because the screen is large, the user can turn over a long time to find their own direct orders of goods, collection behavior less. This distinction makes it possible to personalize the mobile client.

, however, here requires a powerful search technology as a support, and the most powerful domestic search technology is Baidu. In order to find the right person in charge of technology, Wang Ke sitting in a coffee shop near Baidu, holding a Baidu top 50 technical cattle contact

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