Pass the double 11 day Taobao mobile phone exclusive price seller pause function

October 25th news, industry sources, in the promotion of the 11 pairs of Tmall day, in order to ensure the stability of the system during the traffic peak, Taobao will be part of the marketing function to suspend.

it is reported that in the double 11 day, all market sellers will be suspended mobile phone exclusive price of this function. Mobile phone exclusive price concessions will be set before failure in the double 11 day, the relevant commodity prices show the original price.


mobile phone in addition, Taobao will also suspend the mobile phone exclusive price of merchandise search, then screening results will be empty. While the impact of mobile phone exclusive price of goods as search weights of search results will also fail.

businesses believe that the move is not only to protect the stability of the system, but also allows the 11 to promote the flow of more concentrated during the promotion of better flow in the big promotion.

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