From the end of the rural electricity supplier who who sell in the delivery who buy


with BAT into one, "go to the countryside whitewashing", "supplier to the countryside is becoming a hot industry as a whole. But the electricity supplier to the countryside is really just to go to the countryside whitewashing so simple? "Commercial value" and titanium media reporters in the past two months, the application with trading treasure electricity commodity logistics, visited every part of the township business chain, showing a report the truth to the people in the rural electricity supplier investigation of the most informative blockbuster investigation.

Look at the following

reports some of the reporters in the field of information, media reporters feel titanium Yuan Chang eyes that with our urban life is different, electricity supplier change of township life: mountain people is how to be online shopping courier Township changed? What kind of living conditions? People who are online shopping village town of



(one) was changed by the online shopping in the mountains

we are in a large Li Lin in touch for a long time, also did not find a clear lee.

"come 20 days, here you eat crisp plum." Brother Lee had to settle for second, bring us to a fruit tree full of red lanterns, plum, as we do.

is not far from the Brother Lee home, backed by the ABA Maoxian misty mountains, overlooking the mountains in the kingdom.

the film with thousands of lines "shake Qian Shu" Liziyuan each year to give Brother Lee brought home about 200000 of the income in the household, every family raising yak Li Huang village is medium level.

is now playing in the village of the League of heroes, playing miserable, not to say anything else, that is the League of heroes." Afraid to play game addiction, he only played red alert as stand-alone game, the home computer in addition to doing this, he can not think of what is the use of.

he only online shopping in the mobile phone (mobile phone for 500 dollars, following him to copycat look, one thousand or two thousand machine is his favorite, as well, and the village people think of red rice and millet very good), only dare to try to cash on delivery, because the village people say network silver is not safe". Most of the time, he chose to be able to pay on the sale of treasure to buy things.

although the annual income of about 200000, but his body, not a lot of brands from the flea market Amoy to the daughter-in-law. Wife do not dare to buy clothes in Taobao, "Taobao said on TV, not know what is new or old, it is not good for the body, did not have a way", for her, what to buy, safety first.

has just built two two storey small building their house, in addition to a television outside the empty, now they want most is the price of cheap furniture and appliances, furniture, electrical appliances scary in a county are expensive. A neighbor GuJu Chengdu to pull back the furniture than in the county to buy cheap. However, these two kinds of big now can not buy on the internet. For the light comes from the county

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