E commerce website construction overall planning ideas

to build a quality electronic commerce website, the need for detailed analysis and demonstration on scientific and reasonable basis, grasp the e-commerce industry itself and the characteristics of product circulation characteristics, fully estimate the customer groups and trading habits, the basic theory in such a complex process of demonstration enterprises should follow the construction of electronic business website, the following theoretical knowledge will be a good guide to the construction of e-commerce website.

enterprise e-commerce website construction is a very strong work, must focus on the goal of enterprise marketing. First of all, it is necessary to determine the theme and purpose of the site, to determine the ultimate goal of the site design and overall guidelines. It includes: site targeting, website information content determination, website customer orientation, website profit pattern setting, online shopping process setting, customer payment mode, logistics distribution operation processing set, network advertisement promotion plan.

site target positioning

The establishment of

enterprise e-commerce sites, e-commerce site must first determine the aim is to establish a corporate image, promote products, promotion of business services, e-commerce business is simple, or the establishment of a complete system of electronic commerce, e-commerce business through the network.

website information content determination

how to build the website into an attractive consumer e-commerce site, the website information content is the key to success, the information content associated with the theme of the site is rich, landing on the visitors more.

website customer positioning

in the site user positioning, should be on the site of the site of the competition object in-depth and detailed analysis, for the purpose of visiting the site and customer needs.

website profit model

profit model is very important for the site. Visibility, website business income goal and the enterprise website for their own future hits, future efforts and advertising appeal, online buying behavior is closely related to the factors of site dependence degree.

online shopping process settings

through electronic commerce and online shopping is a complex process, but a complex process should be transparent to the clients, customers are shopping convenient operation, so that customers are shopping on the Internet and the real world in the shopping process is not fundamentally different and difficult. A good e-commerce site must be: no matter how complex the shopping process is on the inside of the site, the client interface must be simple and easy to operate.

customer payment method

web site is facing a variety of online customers, corporate Web site should provide customers with a variety of alternative payment methods.

logistics distribution operation processing set

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