Taobao from shopping platform to life service platform

[introduction] and now there are many new forms of service, reform. From the perspective of the platform, we have been exploring whether there will be more innovation. From the shopping platform to the transformation of life service platform, the vertical look, Taobao advantage of the use of traditional services will be extended to the next line; and horizontal, Taobao has expanded a lot of new business.


is offering free of this flag reached the C2C field of, after 11 years of development, grow to a large variety of online shopping platform. From the initial crawl, defensive attack later in Taobao ecosystem continues to flourish. Once the soldier ants have become an elephant in the industry.

"elephant" how flexible turn, especially out of the beautiful dance in the wireless Internet era intensified change, become a big concern. Simply put, ecological system the next step should be how to upgrade the in vivo and in vitro evolution competence? What is the evolutionary logic? What is the key to upgrade? Below is Taobao mobile strategy conference in early December 2014 on president’s speech for epilepsy, businesses may be able to find the answer from.

three stages of Taobao wireless

mobile phone Taobao members has reached 200 million, the average daily active users more than 80 million, becoming the world’s largest mobile consumer life platform. There is no denying that wireless has become an important trend. Taobao’s wireless is the first wireless e-commerce, which is the starting point, and the end is to expand the life and so on.

dual 11 is a very important node. 2014 double 11 day, there are 119 million consumers log on Taobao phone, resulting in a turnover of $24 billion 300 million. From the data point of view, and now every day from the wireless terminal and the number of users logged on the PC end of the number of users is already 1: 1. So wireless has really become the mainstream, and not the previous supplement.

Taobao wireless development strategy has gone through several stages. 2013, a lot of people are still worried about whether the wireless age of Taobao and some social class App competition. Today, this answer is very obvious – whether in the PC or wireless side, e-commerce needs to emphasize the specialization, efficient, unified entrance.

and Taobao in this area has a unique advantage, we have a large, high-quality commodity library, there is a large amount of highly structured data, these data can help us to efficient navigation. Whether it is a piece of clothing or a piece of electrical appliances, their data on Taobao has been very structured, brand, material, price and many other angles. We do a unified entrance, you can help users through various dimensions to accurately find the goods they want.

and other electronic business platform, the first, may not have such a huge amount of products; second, there are a number of platforms in a very short period of time

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