Carrefour China business start closed beta is expected in June 18th officially launched

China Carrefour online mall officially launched online, and traditional retail giants involved in the electricity supplier.

Carrefour China electricity supplier’s domain name is, the main selling groceries.

all goods from the nearest Carrefour store entities for distribution, the audience can enjoy 129 yuan shopping package post. Shoppers can choose two ways to pay online and pay on delivery.

from the column point of view, the site has a "light of France", "red wine estate", "imported food", "mother and child Pavilion" four theme pavilions.

currently, Carrefour online mall is still in beta stage, only the Shanghai Langao Road headquarters delivery, three online stores are in the stores and shops, Gubei million foreign stores. May 8th opening address in Shanghai (excluding Chongming) online, May 20th officially open beta. It is reported that Carrefour online store will be formally launched on June 18th.

Kantar Retail analysis, Carrefour China in a second tier cities have a more dense distribution of outlets in Shanghai is nearly 30 stores. This time the choice of Shanghai as a pilot city to give full play to the advantages of the network, greatly reducing the cost of the initial site of the online promotion and distribution costs.

According to the survey results of 2014

Chinese PoweRanking, makers of Carrefour stores flexibility expressed full recognition, but also leads to excessive decentralization of Carrefour ineffective implementation and high margin requirements show dissatisfaction. Carrefour’s sales in China fell 5.3% in 2013 from a year earlier in 2014, compared with a drop of more than $7.8% in store sales.

Chinese District Carrefour CEO Tang Jianian announced in early March will be a series of major strategic change, including centralization, self built distribution network, the development of small business and online retail business. The electricity supplier website rushed on the line also shows high performance on new strategy of carrefour. At the end of last year, Carrefour China opened its first Easy community store in Shanghai. With the expansion of the Easy community store coupled with the upcoming on-line shopping mall, Tang Jianian envisaged to create the online shopping store, online shopping shop to send the power of the system is about to reflect.

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