Squatting behind inside

The Internet domain name speculation, has become a kind of occupation, but also has a specific name called "corn worm". Although the "corn worm" as the super girl Li Yuchun to support the mission of "corn" to enjoy the benefits are great in strength and impetus, the bonanza. We can see the shocking news: every two or three days a domain name was registered, large companies lost network sites; a certain domain name sold price, cost hundreds of Yuan registration fee to earn millions of dollars of profits…… When I write this article, they received a call from Guangzhou, the other claiming to be a consulting firm, will be held in Beijing, a domain name auction, I hope the press can give reports. It seems that there is a wealth of stories to be born.

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this is a new model of the new economy. We don’t want to deny the domain name registration in this mode, as long as a good guide, interest is the best motivation. If those institutions propaganda, many enterprises and institutions are still not aware of the importance of the network in the world is not less than the real world take cities and seize territory, do not know to protect their online number; if the domain name Chinese boom surging, proud Microsoft may not be willing to in the new version of the IE browser to open the floodgates wide to Chinese internet.

in another field — registered trademark registration, in recent days have occurred repeatedly sensational events, "a central" has been registered as a condom, "art of life" should do contraceptives. Who is this hype? I can not say that, but I have to remind the CCTV and all the units and individuals, and quickly put the relevant trademark ah domain name ah what are cleaned up again, the note on the note, this thing, generous not.