Shenzhen e commerce transfusion in the Pearl River Delta small and medium enterprises

since the outbreak of the financial crisis, due to the appreciation of the renminbi, rising raw material prices, rising labor costs and other reasons, resulting in a substantial decline in the profits of domestic SMEs, or even bankruptcy. Pearl River Delta small and medium enterprises pour a piece. Changes in the economic environment, e-commerce and online advertising have put forward new requirements, any network marketing and online trading activities, to reduce operating costs, to help SMEs overcome the difficulties for the purpose. The new e-commerce based on the principle of minimum cost and maximum benefit, fit the current economic climate, adapt to the needs of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Pearl River Delta SMEs transition soon

Pearl River Delta region has been known as the "world factory". Today, the Pearl River Delta industrial development has entered a bottleneck period, the industry transition crossroads, traditional processing trade enterprises relocation is one of their faces, and the "world factory" of the head or be transferred. A lot of factors, the Pearl River Delta to stimulate the transformation include: pre processing trade policy adjustment, the tax rebate policy change, RMB appreciation, exchange rate changes, the new labor contract law, the rapid increase in prices of raw materials. The main reason is the labor factor price and cost increase squeezed corporate profit margins, enterprises are facing considerable pressure, operating there unprofitable or even a loss. Under the pressure of policy and cost, many small and medium-sized enterprises either closed down or transformed.

as the Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang’s view, "If today does not actively adjust the industrial policy, tomorrow will be the adjustment of industrial structure, we do not transition today, tomorrow it will be out of the market.

The number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Pearl River Delta, the first generation

ranked first in the country the size and number of high-tech enterprises, export volume of the first, the total size of the national logistics industry first, the financial services industry in the large and medium-sized city in the value of the first. As the core of the digital Pearl River Delta Shenzhen, currently has a large number of small and medium enterprises, they are not only the commercial forces here, for Shenzhen e-commerce, they are also important customer resources. How to improve the application level of e-commerce and management information of small and medium sized enterprises and promote the transformation and upgrading of SMEs?.

second generation e-commerce help enterprises upgrade

Shenzhen in 2009 approved the country’s first e-commerce demonstration city. Shenzhen local e-commerce has used an innovative attitude to meet the era of e-commerce revolution. Alibaba led by the traditional first generation e-commerce platform to provide information services for enterprises. A new type of e-commerce to promote easy advertising represented by the Shenzhen times, click on the leading technology to create easy promotion alliance platform, in addition to providing free information services for the enterprise, to promote easy alliance platform search engine optimization based on the corporate website, can be very good to push the enterprise to the clients, to narrow the distance with the customer. Enterprises can not only get orders, but also calmly know the changes in consumer demand. Provide one-stop e-commerce solutions for SMEs