He Tao look through the phenomenon of the essence of group buying

The origin of

network group purchase from the United States Groupon website, domestic imitation Groupon opened the first home network group purchase group net, was launched in March 2010, and just over three months, the domestic group purchase network has reached more than 1 thousand. It seems to me that the reason why the network is able to develop so quickly in a short time the key to buy or to a large extent solved the problem of consumers, brokers, manufacturers of the three fundamental problems, thus filling the vacancy of the market.

with the popularity of the network, the offline mode to buy the group moved to the network, consumer groups have been greatly expanded. For our consumers to choose a larger space.

of manufacturers, the biggest hope is that the maximum to sell their goods, but they have overlooked the point, which in fact both in business volume and price can be complementary, this let the ultimate beneficiaries or the majority of our consumers.

for middlemen, if we set up a bridge between the manufacturers and consumers. Want to do group purchase price is on the one hand, and also need to know, to understand our consumer groups what they really want is what things can be real, can also be a virtual software (A5 group purchase), even is a kind of service. Price can only be said to play a stimulating role, followed by the quality and practicality of the product itself.

now buy so fast development, it is because the market is not yet mature, stable, and indeed to a certain extent to meet the needs of our consumers.

we take A5 buy station for example. So far A5 has held the more than and 100 phase of the group purchase and are more successful, have done during madman stations, SEOWHY training, diypage group purchase and so are some webmaster friends is very suitable for our products. At the same time enjoy the affordable price, it is more important to solve our needs.

product positioning and price advantage

take an example to explain: I remember when to look, I had considered buying software bugs. Know the friends know that the software is really not cheap, if single from a personal point of view to spend about 2300 to buy a thing that he never used to be a little uneasy. Now A5 has a group purchase we don’t say, can you give me how much money, at least I buy again will not worry about the function and effect of the software. On the one hand to buy more people, and the other hand because it is A5 webmaster buy network.

200% after-sales service

for the group itself, the possibility of consumers exposed to the manufacturers is not great, there is always a problem for us to buy the network itself, but the site itself is a very important word of mouth. Strict requirements for A5 200% of the product quality of +200% after-sales service which should be the best protection to the webmaster friends.

effective promotion and marketing