Laurel years of experience in e commerce is not accurate but good marketing

precision marketing this term do not know what time, do not know is proposed which scholars of marketing theory, but I believe that it is in the management "will use the resources to do the most effective product of this idea. For enterprises "accurate" sounds a great propaganda strategy, because the money is always spent, but more accurate really better? Two problems can break these myths.

if you ask your boss, "how many customers do you want in your life?" the answer is probably "the more, the better." if you really want to, then in the boss’s eyes, "everyone is a client." The past may be because there is no network so convenient tool, so no trading customers, take the time to talk about the "weak", but the benefits of the network should be to let people have a cheap, convenient communication tools, especially under the registered Facebook, in this happy network network marketing website help enterprises do not need to limit their market in front of customers. In simple terms, if you really want to ask any enterprise "potential customers" how many? The most correct answer should be "willing to pay is my customer. "


asked the bosses: propaganda products can greatly reduce the cost assumptions, whether the enterprise will choose to believe the answer is certainly negative imagine if the 30 second TV ads as long as 1000 yuan, he look for someone who is not the target customers, enterprises must choose to broadcast. So in fact, companies hope that marketing can be accurate, is nothing more than cost considerations, but do business can really accurate? Isn’t the target customer is a lifetime not killed in contact with? So it is spent propaganda cost or service cost, as long as the customer is willing to start publicity and consumption, that these efforts are gets a value and significance, so bosses actually should rethink "precision marketing" is necessary.

is the last of my two colleagues for precision marketing comments, if everyone’s idea is the same, it seems that precision marketing, the term is really a big cover may be the marketing sector.

Arain: precision marketing is concentrated fire hit the target, but the foundation is how to know if there is a goal so I think the precision marketing is originally used to "hit the target" resources on the "target" for saving money because of marketing cost along with the information age has fallen a lot. Put resources in to find the target is not a bad thing, but also to find to see what to play, otherwise it is futile, the worst is that customer perceived him this need, but you are not his choice. Always let the customer know your products or services to help him.

JIm: the arrow had to shoot the eagle, the result was flying the dove blocked the arrow, the result is shot, hunters should also be happy.

Marketing Intelligence: if we hope that customers can be a little more, do not require too much accuracy of the marketing of the author of this article welcome to actively discuss the message >

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