Advocacy data on electricity supplier industry development may not be beneficial

recently, the article said, there are currently 80% domestic iron and steel enterprises to carry out e-commerce, according to the survey data show that domestic large and small steel electricity supplier at least more than 2 thousand, more than 10 large steel production enterprise which has achieved remarkable results in online sales, about 3 of the steel trade enterprises earn more profits through the electronic commerce.

first, we need to define the concept of e-commerce. What is electronic commerce? Is the electronic information flow, capital flow and logistics, to the whole process of business activities effectively all or most of the links in the e-commerce platform, finally realizes the seamless integration.

and we present the domestic steel e-commerce, in addition to the 3, 4, even the most basic information flow, capital flow and channel integration and so on are not yet perfect, the electronic commerce of its propaganda is just the general steel resources listing system or supply business publication systems. Its essence, and the real e-commerce gap.

secondly, how reliable data sources. It claims that more than 2000 of China’s iron and steel electricity supplier, there are more than 80% of the iron and steel enterprises to carry out e-commerce, about 3 of the steel trade enterprises to earn greater profits through e-commerce. So, what are the specific that more than 2000 of steel electricity supplier, 80% iron and steel enterprises in the sample taken from where? Is that just a steel trader’s website can be called e-commerce? If the said more than 2 thousand does not include the steel trader, so only steel and iron and steel industry website, we have know that all of the country’s large and small mills all add up to only about 1000 (even if very small private steel) of the more than 1 thousand home, there are several involved in e-commerce? The steel industry website, the real operation of electronic commerce is less and less. At the same time, these 3 into the steel trade enterprises to earn greater profits through e-commerce, which is also unknown how the data come from?

finally, I think our electricity supplier personnel communication and narrative data must be true, reliable, accurate, able to withstand scrutiny and demonstration, to convince people, especially some very sensitive and important data for the development of the whole industry, it is need to be cautious.

said at the beginning of this article if the referenced data is valid, then the user will also think that since there are so many people who are involved in electronic commerce, then why the whole e-commerce industry has not improved? Electronic commerce is really useful? At the same time, the user will doubt the authenticity this data, why people around me are few using e-commerce? The data reliable? This website reliable? Or the electricity supplier industry


so, please respect our users, do not think that users can be fooled. On the other hand, even if a flicker customers, I believe that with the development of the industry