Wish delay delivery rate of over 10% new businesses can not sell

news September 17th, billion state power network that days ago, Wish announced that since the beginning of October 10, 2016, or will delay in delivery rate of more than 10% businesses to suspend trading penalties imposed.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Wish index refers to the delivery delay between logistics data recording time from the single to the first scan for more than five days; delay delivery rate refers to the total number of orders by orders within a week of the delay of shipment value.

Wish said, the implementation of the policy is intended to provide a better user experience for users, so the seller received in order to avoid the impact of the policy, Wish suggests businesses for all orders to provide effective and timely execution of the order logistics tracking number.

in fact, this is not the first time this year, Wish introduced a new deal to promote the seller to provide their own user experience. In August this year, Wish announced that in order to encourage businesses to use authorized logistics carrier, in early August the implementation of article two for non authorized logistics carrier business deal: since August 8, 2016, if the merchant did not use authorized logistics carrier, it will bear all losses caused a refund. In addition, from August 15, 2016 onwards, if the merchant does not use the authorized logistics carrier, also can not provide logistics tracking number, while businesses need to bear all the losses caused by the refund.

in addition, at the end of August this year, Wish also announced the creation of two new data – "delay delivery rate" and "no order fulfillment rate". Currently, the two new indicators can be viewed from the Wish merchant platform performance logistics performance within. The two new indicators display features or lay the foundation for the delayed delivery of the new deal.

it is reported that, Wish was founded in December 2011, is the main one thousand thousands of thousands of intelligent recommendation mobile shopping platform. Announced earlier this year has received $50 million investment in Jingdong, the valuation reached $3 billion 500 million.

founder Wish Szulczewski interview with foreign media in this year has revealed that in 2015 Wish sales platform to sell billions of dollars, mainly for small items. Last year, the average number of Wish users on the platform for 5 times.

billion state power network to understand, from the beginning of last year, Wish constantly improve the user experience and improve the sellers. In March this year, or even open to achieve a new seller to deliver the new deal, the seller’s longest order fulfillment time adjustment from 7 days to 5 days, from the delivery time and delivery time to improve the logistics requirements of Wish sellers.