Baidu has three plans to make it more open

recently, Baidu has ah in the Baidu Technology Innovation Conference 2009, breath launched the "Fengming", "the ark" and "Bretton Woods" three plan. And say the name let people have enough Lenovo, Baidu in the end this is to "play" or a


there is the layout of the ah, I simply draw a map, so that we can see more clearly:


from this map can clearly see the development of its strategy, within the three major projects, it is very concerned about is its open merchant marketing platform:

is the first Baidu to open its interface with the enterprise B2C site, through the background data synchronization, you can have a flagship store goods, orders and their own platform to get through. Relying on Baidu’s huge traffic advantage, create more opportunities to clinch a deal. The author believes that the opening of this platform, such as Dangdang, vacal, Jingdong mall, such as vertical B2C giant, once there is ah and get through the interface, will continue to expand its sales and market leadership.

then, from above can see, ah will also open its vertical and professional website, community open API plans to open shop system independent to join the three plans to businesses, shops will be extended the survival space very well in the Baidu range, at the same time also means that there will be more professional vertical website, have the opportunity through the API open platform, together with Baidu e-commerce share the big cake.

in addition to these, of course, to mention the internal opening of Baidu, which is a very important part of the user experience. In addition to Baidu search page, as well as know, post bar, Encyclopedia of the nature of these communities interactive products, in the vast amounts of information, the voice of the Internet with the potential of shopping. On the C2C website, the user message, the commentary as well as in the past purchase record, may have decided the buyer directly under the order. The online shopping related information, are integrated into the platform, to solve the problem of information communication.

, the three magic is not only the integration of Baidu e-commerce marketing tool, or the deeper the use of search engines, do deep information platform initiatives, the idea is to provide a more open, more reliable environment.

Internet competition, the level is multifaceted. From the same business model, development or not determine the ultimate success or failure. At this point, the competition between Google and Microsoft, Taobao and eBay has proved war.

the next step, whether there is a difference?.