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Duang~~ 2015 Equ mall shopping platform to create strong strikes again! New business model for entrepreneurs and consumers to enjoy profits and shopping on the platform, the traditional mode, victory of the online shopping mall in 2015, Equ upgrade again, providing unprecedented shopping experience for consumers, and to the actual business operation is shattered questioned MLM rumors.


Equ mall is the theme of the online retail mall model innovation, to create the story instead of the network retail mall price competition, chartered by the State Department of Commerce Cullinan Shengshi group investment founded in January 1, 2012. Equ mall business five innovative unique consumer shopping theme, C2C, B2C, complete with consumers and stores the bound planning, 20000 special planning, marketing team ground entity store unique and creative, well-known experts and scholars study in economy and e-commerce, deduced Equ mall complete business planning mode, will become the mainstream of future shopping e-commerce.

From 2011

development business today, Equ mall suffered a lot of questions, but these rumors are baseless attacks. Equ mall already formally adopted by the public security departments of the audit information made shopping website business license; and with the business philosophy and methods of innovation, to create opportunities for wealth without the knowledge of computer and electronic business friends, create a relaxed business platform for the friends would like to venture to do agency shop; let more friends to join this big family, through "rent rent shop, shop to send lottery Commission, shop, shop sales have enjoy value-added profit bonus part to ensure that the interests of the partners, there is absolutely no MLM component.


A novel model of

Equ mall attracted the notice of the parties to the eyes, the rapid development in all kinds of people look forward to the eyes. Here people are not limited by time, not limited by space, not subject to many restrictions on traditional shopping, can be traded anywhere online. In the homogenization of serious today, there is no feature of the product is easy to allow people to ignore, can not break from competing products. Therefore Equ mall jointly issued to the Internet thinking to re emphasize for shoppers and entrepreneurs to provide more space and platform to enhance all-round platform experience. Everyone has the right to speak in the information age, the user experience is the essence of the new era of Internet electricity supplier thinking, a focus on the user experience of the electricity supplier platform must be where the market forces. Equ mall with user participation, experience and feeling as the starting point, combined with the entertainment interest quickly attract a large number of users to participate in.

Equ music sweepstakes is in the hot summer bring us cool fishes, online shopping becomes more fun. Different from other business platform of the first shopping sweepstakes rules, Equ can enjoy the first shopping lottery, the winning rate of up to 1/28. Iphone4s, >

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