B2B type of enterprise products to obtain the correct position of the seed user

compared to the individual consumer market, the enterprise services market is still a lot of room for growth, and far from reaching the outbreak of the node. According to statistics, in 2014 China’s enterprise class market transactions amounted to 10 trillion yuan, and in the last two years, the number is still growing forward. In the face of such a huge market, many a person with breadth of vision began mustering the strength to earn a ticket in the field of business services, so many business services for the products, has emerged. So when you get used to the individual user, can you get the enterprise user?


correctly obtain the posture of the seed user

look at the domestic e-commerce, Alibaba may be one of the pioneers of B2B. After years of hard work, it has also achieved great success in the market. But relatively speaking, the products and services on the market are still much more personal services. Whether it is Taobao, Jingdong, Suning, the vast majority are for individual buyers. Because compared to corporate users, individual buyers seem to be easier to promote and marketing. Because the restriction of individual buyers shopping is relatively small, so there will be similar to the double eleven, buy and buy like the 618. As long as the money, buy just at the moment.

but compared to individual users, corporate users seem to be a little more trouble. Small company has no independent decision ability, and the boss busy; large companies process cumbersome, long time delay. In the face of all sorts of things, if you develop a good business service product, then how do you get the first batch of seed users?

first, improve the basic functions of the service, and business cooperation first of all to open their own

the reason why the enterprise class market is so huge, because the company’s single transaction volume is much higher than the individual times, more than one thousand times. And this kind of demand and pain in the market does exist. Compared to individuals, the company’s own operational capacity is very strong. Therefore, for an enterprise level products should develop their own, so that the service can be connected to the enterprise interface, the use of their own advantages, their control of the progress and frequency of product services. Not all things are good for them, and then greatly weakened in the autonomy of the enterprise. On the contrary, enterprise class products should give the user the greatest autonomy. Products only need to do a good job in the key points, do a good job of intelligent functions can be.

second, enterprise class products in the early days of operation also need to rely on the line


always do many years of product operations. Based on work needs a lot of contact, style promotion such as CPS, CPM and so on, these ads will be extended according to the needs of users spread to every corner of the network, and can attract a large number of individual users in a short period of time. So when faced with enterprise users, this approach will be effective?. Because it is related to the use of enterprise

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