Hundred investors to explore activist group threatened to go to the United States and the United Sta

in the United States office building standing at 12 at noon on February 26th, not more than demonstrators marched, not shouting slogans, blocking the door, into the office area, banners and slogans or personal attacks……"


QQ activist group screenshot

The content of the announcement of

the contents of the one hundred people QQ group released in February 18th, the group called rights group, some small shareholders criticized’s low-cost privatisation scheme who established the group.

in the "static" before the announcement of the night (Beijing time on the night of February 17th), the United States announced the receipt of the privatization offer a founder Chen Ou led consortium, the offer out of the stock purchase price of $7 per share.

due to the price of $7 to the United States when the issue price listed ($22) of the 30%, the news was released, the United States and Europe not only denounced Chen small shareholders, even by some well-known professional investor criticism and ridicule.

Chen Ou led consortium members include the United States co-founder Dai Yusen, Sequoia Capital, on behalf of the management, the interests of major shareholders, although the offer has not been adopted by the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors, but considering the consortium currently holds about 54.4% stake in the United States, 90.1% of the voting rights, is unlikely.

is mainly composed of "retail" composed of small shareholders and therefore "hated teeth itch", on one hand through a variety of open channels for the United States and Europe in the press, Chen, on the other hand, trying to seek external forces as intervention for their "".

TechWeb 22 in the afternoon of a social platform to find a small interest in the United States and a number of shareholders of public rights group QQ number, and finally entered the group. The number of members of the group of more than and 120 people, in addition to the founder of the group, as well as the administrator of the 10.


QQ activist group screenshot

In the

group were initially discussed how the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission official website (SEC) English fill in the complaint, slightly deserted, until 22 in the evening only gradually "lively", some of the United States share the privatization of small shareholders dissatisfied with the reported links in the group, said the United States has just called customer call people……

in a group manager introduction, TechWeb group two "a" high administrator asks about the United States headquarters in Beijing to sit for one thing, one administrator said "group in Beijing who rarely, the distance estimation is not convenient (to sit)," another said "some people will go", and stressed that the "standing", not "sit".

in addition, two per capita revealed that the static order of the detailed arrangements need to consult a higher level of leadership in the group, TechWeb initially >

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