B2C network promotion methods Case Analysis

Ye Song also recently on electronic commerce this one, but also in-depth understanding of some industry reputation for doing a lot of B2C, from the analysis of third party data, visibility is inversely proportional with the volume, it is a surprise to me is not small, and especially foreign trade, after a period of high rate of return; observation of the time, Ye Song collected some home page on the portal site every day, large-scale advertising advertising on the video site B2C, accidentally discovered a few or very well done, the network promotion methods take a health care products B2C make a analysis of today, the name is not said, in order to avoid it is considered to be advertising, there are many places worthy of our reference.

B2C model is to sell products, sell products, how to launch it is essential; such as the health care products B2C advertising model I think is very good, with advertisers split mode cooperation, namely advertising media brought sales revenue, after deducting the return of goods after the refund, according to the proportion of the agreed the contract ledger, as media advertising. From the media to repeat the purchase of the user’s sales will also be brought into the media advertising costs, so that the media will be stable monthly, incremental advertising revenue. While advertising enterprises that the health care products B2C also solve the cash flow problems, says bluntly that do not spend a penny in the media to provide page cast advertising; (of course, there is still a lot of details, I searched the Internet, they have a precise statistical system, their delivery advertising media can always spot supervision.

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health care products business is good, but most of them are "one shot deal", apparently associated with excessive speculation concept; the state does not prohibit the health care media qualification, but against false propaganda; because of this, the media have begun the layout of a large number of idle. They may also have seized the opportunity, especially those with a lot of idle space. How to get through the joint with the least money, it has become the business can do the only variable. Combined with the above sub model, advertising has been very effective.

second, B2C cannot do without the call center, and the health care products B2C put it to the extreme, they are very good at data analysis and use, there are consumer behavior of a set of perfect background data on the user’s real-time tracking and analysis, for example, they can see the consumer behavior from the data after Taiwan at any time, the adjustment of marketing strategies. Today the main Cod Liver Oil die, can hit propolis tomorrow. At the same time through the DM (Journal), e-mail, SMS, telephone interviews and other ways to stimulate the consumer repeat purchase. Among them, DM+ phone call is considered to be the most effective combination. A DM production costs about 2 yuan, plus logistics costs, the total cost of 3~4 yuan. DM direct conversion rate is not high, only about 15%, but if there is no DM DaTouZhen, telephone communication with members of the staff even without reason ", for new members who have never bought the products delivered to DM company, and won the"

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