Fresh electricity providers to learn how to do fresh and fresh


was small, as long as the rain years, small small valley is full of water, with my buddies favorite thing to do is going to dive, finally caught the fish is not large, and most of them are tasteless gesture of the silver carp, silver carp at noon and take them home to cook a pot of soup. Drank two bowls. At that time the village there is a retired teacher, a good fruit, his family’s grape famous township, we a few naughty, occasionally go to the orchard to steal a few grapes to snack, much more delicious.

then I remember why it was so good at that time, apparently because the food was so fresh. What kind of food is fresh? I have been thinking about the problem, and in the process I think, fresh electricity has been quietly on the line, and the scale is very large, now in addition to professional fresh food mall, the mainstream electricity providers have fresh in this forum.

today we do not take the data to speak, we all know that the data is the last word, the truth can not run out of a word, so the next talk about the principle of fresh electricity supplier.

in general, any one thing is bigger, some people will come up with professional knowledge and on mechanically, and some people become experts, some people become masters, this thing made will have a vivid name, so fresh, the electricity supplier to the. Is nothing more than the original in the farmers market stall to sell some fruits and vegetables fish, then turns to buy online, and later, as a platform, you don’t go into the wholesale, vendors supply, identity has changed, the image of the shift in the.

this is a thing to change the soup, but experts and critics have joined, fresh electricity supplier began to become an unprecedented complex. Fresh is fresh, fresh, first should think of is how to achieve "fresh", but now we are thinking about how "fresh", so the thinking was guided into how to establish the cold chain logistics this myth. Estimation and stupid people can expect to keep fresh non local seasonal production at that time, and fresh fruit by different transportation will be discounted, so to analyze, fresh seems to be a false proposition.

Of course, we do not need to pull the

professional words, want to find a dietitian or agricultural experts to identify what food freshness, but how can do different fresh fresh? Do the fresh products most likely to be fresh, just like some hotel purchase, on the same day to buy the food that day to eat, not frozen do not add fresh-keeping film, it can achieve the maximum freshness of food. This problem is coming, how to solve the problem of off-site food, there is no way, after a variety of food and frozen plastic film processing, to the hands of customers is no longer considered fresh.

This is the

above is plausible but very absurd, now fresh electricity supplier is to solve this problem through the cold chain preservation, a lot of people online shopping to the fresh food, feel good, because they eat before eat different food, although the quality of some just passable. Therefore, for these

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