The rapid rise of electronic business platform SNS will accomplish much

Taobao as the largest business platform in the first half of the year, has launched "the shopkeeper said" the online social networking services, SNS is a big move in Taobao this year, this is the first use of SNS business platform, micro-blog now has become the new favorite of marketing, social networking platform has become an important role to create electricity supplier, the most stable beauty group for the development of group purchase website also took the lead in the earlier and happy net SNS integration, the rise of the electricity supplier is unable to leave the platform using SNS. What aspects of the SNS platform will have an important impact on it?

from the perspective of the site’s reputation building

interpersonal relationship is the product of the most powerful propaganda way, word of mouth can really bring high quality consumer groups, the user experience through an acquaintance between the mouth, that is the best place for your advertising products. Whether it is B2C or C2C, but face the user, the transaction object is your best to buy things through advertising, Taobao mall, often a person happy shopping experience can bring a group of consumer groups for the store, as a twenty hundred, the radiation effect is difficult to estimate. The future of network economy, the word-of-mouth users will become an important way of propaganda and business profits, rather than unilateral dependence ranking and traffic, electricity supplier through social networking platform users will be closely tied, based on trust and real relationships on the basis of the force of propaganda.

to meet the basic needs of users from the perspective of

online shopping with respect to the characteristics of the line is that people can not try not to touch the product itself, so from the perspective of the demand for this commodity, people need to communicate, the need to guide the need for advice. This is also seen as the most basic meaning of SNS electricity supplier. The universal service providers is not enough depth Chinese can not accurately know the needs of users, and users need most of the time people drive, not only need people around the drive, also a platform needs to guide for shopping. The most representative example is the two years of the rise of the beautiful said,, SNS and e-commerce to do the most direct docking. Thus, Ma Taobao SNS as an important upgrade in the history of Taobao to look at. The current environment is that users are often confused with their own needs. The source of living water, natural water pool. In a sense, the essence of the SNS platform is to convey the aspirations of the Internet users, here, the Internet users have found to share and find their needs.

from the perspective of the depth of user needs mining

The author said the

is to meet the basic needs of consumers, which is standing in the basic trading perspective, the detail of the SNS platform, will find that basically every platform will be found to have such a group in the field of Master, leaders of the people, and continue to share their experience compared to the experience, we say shopping needs, actually this kind of group is more angle > play an star in the crowd in the exchange

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