Jingdong mall launched a new round of financing plan

Jingdong mall is a new round of financing plan. Jingdong mall President Liu Qiangdong did not directly respond to this, but said there will be follow-up funding plan "recently, is expected in December 31st to be announced.

the insider said that the Jingdong is currently working with a number of shopping mall investment negotiations, although it did not disclose the specific amount of investment and the third party, but said it will be far more than the Jingdong before the store financing rate.

mall after Jingdong has received a total of 31 million U.S. dollars of investment risk, are today’s capital in 2007 of $10 million, and by the end of 2008, capital today, bull capital and famous Asian investment banker Mr. Liang Botao Private Companies jointly funded $21 million.

according to insiders, the financing and the construction of the mall hardware Jingdong. As early as the second round of $21 million investment, Liu Qiangdong said that the funds will be used for the construction of logistics equipment 70%. In fact, as of November this year, Jingdong mall has spent huge sums of money in the logistics, customer service center.

Jingdong mall today’s global customer service center was officially established in the hometown of Liu Qiangdong, Jiangsu, Suqian, with a total construction area of 6000 square meters. Currently has 150 seats call, is expected in 2010 will reach 400 seats. In Suqian on the customer service center investment of up to $20 million.

According to Liu Qiangdong

, in addition to Suqian’s global customer service center, Jingdong in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu city to buy land, hope to establish a warehouse in the city, and will expand to 15-20 City ordinary warehouse.

based on the above plan, Jingdong mall began to actively purchase land. Has been finalized is 198 acres of land in Shanghai, as well as Chengdu’s acres of land, Beijing is actively engaged in negotiations, is expected to be no less than 200 acres of land on the ground, and is expected to be no less than 8 acres of land".

plus Jingdong mall in Suqian as a customer service center to buy 300 acres of land, Beijing has agreed to remove 200 acres of land, the Jingdong mall has over 600 acres of land in the country. According to about 280 thousand yuan per mu of industrial land price, and bought after the self built logistics center project, the Jingdong store undoubtedly needs more funds to support.

Liu Qiangdong does not deny that Jingdong mall still need to introduce funds, he said that the funds needed for these programs, half of the need for venture capital investment, and the other half from the cash flow."

although a huge investment in hardware, but Liu Qiangdong still think it is a good deal: once the four logistics center built, logistics warehousing costs will be able to save up to 63%. The cost of this we have a principle, any new warehouse, must not be able to increase the burden of a penny, after the completion of the two cities of the warehouse, distribution costs will be significantly reduced."

in the recent stir for listed issues, Liu Qiangdong said the second half of next year will start listing plan.

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