Parked domain name does not have any content Google advertising alleged fraud Click

According to foreign media reports, due to the alleged use of domain name parking (Domain Parking) to sell low-quality advertising, Google within second consecutive weeks of prosecution.

on Thursday, Kabateck Brown Kellner LLP filed a lawsuit against Google in San Jose California district court, the plaintiffs case is a company called RK West company.

indictment said that Google was parked in the domain name of the invalid clicks to advertisers charge, the move alleged fraud. Google had previously acknowledged that the domain name is actually parked without any content, but argued that the domain name parking search.

prosecution believes that the use of parking spaces in the domain of Google ads to cover invalid clicks. "Google takes advantage of all clicks, without considering the effectiveness of clicks. Cover the domain name of the site to click on the source so that advertisers can not identify whether the click is invalid." In theory, Google only charge for effective clicks, and will not be recognized by the invalid click charges. The real problem, though, is that not all invalid clicks can be confirmed.

this case is similar to another case in July 11th Google encounter. Plaintiffs lawyers believe that Google did not provide enough information to advertisers to prove the effectiveness of advertising clicks, and therefore suspected fraud.

‘s earnings conference call on Thursday, Google CEO Eric – said that the general overhead is a major reason for the high cost of the company in the legal aspects of the. Google is a lawyer and advertising Lord "prey".

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