Zhuang Shuai on the survival and development of the cornerstone of B2C the supply chain for the arti

B2C time is more long, the feeling is more profound, even to the key factors of the supply chain with a lot!, "complex things simple" way to communicate, through the chaizi, that is "supply" and "should be" and "chain" three words, with the my own experience and contact each of B2C enterprises, practical analysis on consideration, rather than from the perspective of theory.

a, for: the supply of goods and services

here involves several issues:

1, who is for the supplier, of course, the supplier is actually divided into three levels:

: A: where a manufacturer is not necessarily the best, if your bargaining ability is poor, the actual volume is very small, in the early days of B2C operators and manufacturers and distributors and agents in fact than even the wholesale and retail business cooperation should be painful, because you are not an agent, and you have no direct purchase three, your shipment speed is too slow, you have four store security, manufacturers with what to be greeted with a smile. Besides, you have also more or less damage to its existing agents / dealers interests. So whether B2C large and small mouth closed we direct and manufacturers, in fact some water and trust factors. Of course, this does not rule out some really is relying on the manufacturer’s background, like VANCL, network (M18), wheat bags, Jingdong digital mall, mall and other automotive supplies show car network.

B: distributors / agents and their cooperation: Although both manufacturers in the service, still have a lot to ensure the speed of delivery, but you still want many heart, because they will envy your own development, to build their own B2C mall. Although the manufacturers also have this possibility, but in production, even if you want to build, there are bottlenecks of talent, experience and other aspects of the investment; and mainly to sales dealers / agents, B2C just changed the different ways of sales service delivery speed and customers but their strengths.

C: Wholesale and retail business: you may feel B2C is retailers, wholesalers supply may also, how will add a "retailer"? This is actually one of the advantages of the B2C sales channels, you can cover the national market at the same time, you can also "marketing" in a region, then why are you Shanghai will not IKEA things on the shelves to own B2C furniture mall, and then to the city of Xi’an to promote sales of Internet users? Many of them through the national media know IKEA, but it is difficult to call to Shanghai IKEA store to send the furniture in the past. Of course, you can also from foreign buyers to purchase goods through the store and sales. Although the "zero’s" is listed as C, but when the policy, retail network expansion was started, this is a good chance for you to establish the characteristics of the


D: other B2C mall and even Taobao stores: B2C do not surprised these will be for you.

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