After 80 beauty shop does not take the unusual way

is a year of graduation, in the shadow of the financial crisis, this year’s graduates in the major job fairs seem to be particularly helpless. However, facing the same black girls graduated from Li Qingchun, but it is very easy, as everyone knows, she is a business for nearly two years, have a shopping website small boss

talking about open shop, a lot of people think it must be in Taobao, pat on such a platform. Li Qingchun initially thought so, but she did not start from Taobao’s success, then moved to blog a small achievement, to finally have their own professional website. Li Qingchun’s shop has experienced three times of transformation, tell us, do shop with her own two years of struggle experience, will be independent, "do not take the unusual way".

million a month, a year to buy

in Baidu type "youth Lu Tu", ranking first is a beautifully crafted shopping site, the home of the most eye-catching a beautiful girl impressively in the head, she is the Heilongjiang University journalism students of grade 05 in Li Qingchun, this is her hand up shop business.

In fact,

Li from the University of youth, has been thinking about their own business. Usually in the street to see what sell fire, she will calculate the cost and profit. She used to sell t-shirts for two months in the bedroom, also want to join a food chain stores, but also hire someone to sell Fresh Juice.

07 year lO month, filled with longing, Li Qingchun opened a shop in Taobao, the sale of brand-name sports shoes, but unexpectedly, opened a month sold only two pairs of shoes. Li Qingchun was worried, reflection, summary, too many similar products of Taobao, is more believe that sellers with high reputation and credibility need to build volume, such as her new store in the credibility of course does not have the competitive advantage.

how to do? Is slowly popular culture, or another way? When Li Qingchun decides that she will be moved to the online NetEase blog! Is her blog bulletin, the album is her clothing window. She said that the album here can store a large number of pictures, and the blog will be on the line every day, easier to communicate, but also easy to train their own fixed customer base

blog open shop, ordinary people may not seem to be a regular road, but in the careful care of Li Qingchun, under the rationale, this road is more and more wide. Shop a year, "youth shoe way" sell the brand extended to more than ten, customer service QQ group opened to fifth buyers, as far as Japan, South Korea and the United states. Only a year, Li Qingchun do not have to ask for money at home, not only to pay more than 9000 yuan tuition, but also to buy a car.

in the autumn of 2008, Li Qingchun’s blog hits has reached about two hundred thousand, the monthly turnover has been steadily rising, but Li Qingchun is not satisfied with this, she has a new idea. In January 2008, the youth shoe Road shopping website was built, Li Qingchun has a more professional and more extensive platform, and now the average daily amount of browsing around the stem

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