The beauty electricity supplier against NetEase hutch koala sea purchase jumei com for counter attac

is the rapid rise of the NetEase purchase intention to regain the koala sea, the leading position of in 2015, beauty electricity supplier to emerge against industry structure planes. The depth of cooperation with NetEase CEO Ding Lei in June 2nd to promote a large number of heavyweight makeup brand, and with a big promotion in June to launch a new round of price war, NetEase koala sea purchase success counterattack of, has become a hot topic in the industry.

beauty electricity supplier in the normalization of the moment, the overall strength of the competition to become the key to win. Hard strength depends on the number of goods, the price, the licensing of various angles of competition, who line up the line of the most brands, the lowest price, the most authorized, who is the ultimate winner.

goods: deep


according to statistics in the first quarter of 2015, Chinese women to buy imported cosmetics is the largest in France, South Korea, Japan, the United States, where France (33.6%) and South Korea (19.1%) accounted for more than 50% of the market share. NetEase, sea purchase koalas are to achieve the full coverage of the popular country, but their focus is different.

NetEase koala sea purchase cost-effective route to go, in Japan and South Korea on the beauty of rapid development, has won more than Clinie, it’s skin, smile, dot, pure and Li free and dozens of Japanese brands, The face shop, will be on the line, skin food Sulwhasoo the Korean cosmetics brand, will continue to consolidate the United States and Japan and South Korea makeup brand. is large and route, from the beauty mall brand list, currently has about 120 imported beauty brands, including European and American brands occupy more than 50% of the proportion, with L’OREAL, Lancome, CLARINS, Clinique, Estee Lauder and other European top tier big. Although the new NetEase koala sea purchase very fast, gap is narrowing, but the number of goods and brand depth is still less than deep inside.

price war: NetEase koala sea purchase prevailed

NetEase and koala sea purchase has released rhetoric on the huge subsidies, but the reality is that shares plunged because of all sorts of bad news, as of June 1st closing market value has fallen below 3 billion, the previous results also show that the cash reserves of less than 1 billion, the price war is difficult.

in this price comparison is more obvious, the NetEase of Japan and South Korea beauty koala sea purchase mask, horse oil, sunscreen, BB cream, Cleansing Cream, lotion and other hot commodities comprehensive low The koala NetEase sea purchase Clinie mask every 10 pieces to 5 to 10 yuan lower than, Too cool for school BB cream per box lunch box is lower than 30 yuan, the miracle horse oil low 20 yuan per box, ZA ZA sunscreen is a cheap 20 yuan, it’s skin, Cleansing Cream snail cream each 10 yuan less.

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