Experts talk about the electronic commerce network Chinese said not bad money

e-businessmen in 2009 the largest portal a "dark horse" is a treasure network information network, the investment is only 200 thousand of the network information portal website 100 Wubao, e-commerce users in 4 months have had nearly 15% registered on the site, creating a free e-commerce portal record, its website marketing strategy it is remarkable.

e-commerce is not a lack of market, it is important how to use targeted to promote their products." Recently, the pre registration in the Alibaba in the sixth session of the meeting on the network to the General Assembly ", the station’s chief operating officer, Mr. Wang said, China e-commerce for useful promotion, bid farewell to the garbage mass software marketing, network marketing to achieve green network marketing.

"Some people think that

15% network experience + ofreputation = 100 hundreds of thousands of promotional material treasure success. These are superficial, the deeper reason lies in the user experience." At the signing ceremony, Mr. Wang repeatedly stressed the importance of e-commerce green marketing.

I saw on the website, in addition to a treasure of traditional shop tutorial content, there are similar to the NetEase, Sohu, and the new Sina shopping guide evaluation, these contents are registered users: 100, Wubao examine the authenticity, the shop counter more free network services, network album and other useful features.

"for a treasure, positive for the sake of Harmonious Network + user experience + marketing network integration = success." Yao Shiyu, one of the station planning, said the hundred treasure model can be copied by any one of China’s portal website.

has been Chinese local e-commerce is a measure of success, now, a treasure with the e-commerce service success stand up, there is a high reference value. The industry generally believe that the 15% network operators hundred things treasure value is more than just a record opening stand 4 months of registered users, but let China feel the charm of the green marketing network.


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