A Jingdong running on Amoy shield gate shielding spider

network door event special fire, but also more special, such as what the roof door, Taobao door, spike door, etc.. Recently, the network has a screen door, then what is the screen door? Shielding door is mainly self B2C merchant shielding platform B2C Amoy network event. So let’s take a look at the reasons for the next screen door.

Liu Qiangdong at micro-blog said, "a website without we allow direct capture all of our products, these products evaluation is to write out integral Jingdong calls to encourage users billions of dollars worth of, how do you also want to say hello? It is difficult to believe that this is a whole day advocate of" new commercial civilization, integrity "the company is, what are the

and Jiminggoudao behavior?"


The behavior of

and Jiminggoudao Jingdong Liu Qiangdong said it is a Jingdong without crawling mall user behavior evaluation. The people we suddenly can see it, and from behind a scouring network official Liu Dongqiang micro-blog response can be determined. A Amoy network reply said, Liu you do not call criticism, we help you, you say is a amoy. You had high rates of discontinuation of Alipay, we did not say what you said a cat grab evaluation information, as shopping search, Taobao is to make the Internet transparent, benefits to consumers. New civilization and integrity, you can not believe but we believe. Competition is the inevitable market, consumers have more choices. Amoy will not be criticized, I would like to ask you to tell consumers the real reason for it? "

further escalation of the war, Jingdong mall and then modify the search engine crawler rules, shielding a Amoy Jingdong users to grab the evaluation information. This caused a net dissatisfaction. Get amazing reply "Amoy network mall says the Jingdong does not have the technical ability to grab a shield, Amoy network PR person in charge Wu Hao 25 days of the new financial reporter confirmed that the Amoy to Jingdong store merchandise information and price changes continue to grab, but temporarily stop by Jingdong mall product user reviews. The reason for the suspension of the collection of Jingdong mall is a scouring the current is on whether to charge users to comment on the relevant strategy discussion. But he stressed that, from a technical point of view, the mall does not have the ability to really stop a Jingdong to grab information on its users crawl.


what can we see from the reply to a web site?. From a technical point of view, the mall does not have the ability to really stop a Jingdong to grab information on its users crawl." Search engine crawler was originally in order to grab more things on the Internet, in order to allow users to search for more meaningful and useful information, but also to follow the appropriate rules to grab. So what is the situation? Jingdong Liu Dongqiang said I want to shield you a search engine search engine crawlers, and then you say that you have nothing to do a good job to screen it, anyway, you shield me also climb. As to how to climb after shielding, this >

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