Micro business pretending to be in order to make money in order to bring you joy

Chinese Name: Micro quotient

English Name: microhurt

Pinyin: W I sh ng


normal interpretation

1 (General Edition) circle of friends to sell mask.

Example: there is a WeChat plus friend, called Schrodinger’s micro business.

You know who the next microhurt never is.

2 (learning tyrants) version of the function and the derivative of the differential quotient, often known as "derivative"".

Example: because of too many mathematical symbols, this example shows failure in


I to translate, you pretended to understand pretended.

your circle interpretation

a kind of pretend to be in order to make money in order to bring happiness to everyone.

: don’t complain about your circle of friends is micro business, your friends are very motivated, rather than strong woman. If you are still laughing at others doing micro business, 5 years later you will regret it, as you did not believe that the same Ma!

See, this is JOKE.

in the micro business when the word has not yet appeared, the use of personal micro-blog, WeChat and other social networks to sell products this phenomenon has been. Selling snacks, selling postcards, selling handmade goods, in fact with the university will occasionally put a stall and make some extra money almost, just now stands before the line. At that time, the sky is blue, the water is green, micro traders have no endorsement of earning million, Elizabeth mask, Ma also did not become the micro business myth, the goddess is not to add your WeChat open source.



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some people say that this industry is a pyramid scheme, say they want to make money people earn money; some people call this industry are silly beep, said micro business is the circle of friends show iq. But the micro business still worked hard with their own careers, with their own circle of friends, doing their own website, holding their own mask with celebrities (figures). They are so hard, the surface is to make money, in fact, in order to create spiritual civilization, bring us joy.

They are

derivative, their study, for our world chelseagreat.

at the end of the week, WeChat became the son of the girl friend circle of friends circle, occasionally see a micro business still hard brush mask, are particularly valuable.

– From. underground velvet


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