Shop was a bad review of the prosecution


(reporter Li Kui Intern Wu Cuimin) in the site to sell the most worried about someone to give a bad comment, thus affecting their reputation. Merchants Zhang will be posted on the website and friends of the court. This morning, Haidian court hearing the case.

Zhang claimed that, he registered an account in the well-known photography portal "hummingbird photography network", to sell the camera lens. Ms. Ji posted slander through the site: this person is dedicated to brush shutter JS, we have to be careful." Brush shutter, can change the number of cameras, some unscrupulous businesses in order to facilitate the sale of the camera, through the software to change the number of shutter or cleared, people mistakenly think that the use of a small number of cameras or a new machine.


Zhang said that he had never had a deal with Ms. Ji, but Ms. Ji was wanton criticism of him, a serious impact on his trading through the site, brought him huge economic losses.

to this end, Mr. Zhang repeatedly asked the site to delete Ms. Ji’s false posts, although the site staff said to be deleted, but it was delayed processing.

Zhang said, he found Ms. Ji telephone registration information through the website, and the defendant, Ms. Ji made many contacts, but Ms. Ji not only that the relevant post is her hair, but hair become aggravated bad comments post. He had to register a number of accounts, but Ms. Ji still spare no effort to do not leak his account registered to attack.

Zhang believes that Ms. Ji’s behavior has seriously violated its reputation, caused huge losses to the prosecution requested Ms. Ji to stop infringement, and compensate for the loss of 20 thousand yuan, the hummingbird photography network jointly and severally liable.


‘s husband said the account was used by himself and had nothing to do with his wife. But Mr. Zhang will be interpreted as "JS" profiteers do not conform to the actual situation. Hummingbird photography network agent said that they have done related work, so there is no infringement of the website. As of press time, the trial continues.

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