Mobile phone Taobao announced 38 data Sales of 2 million movie tickets

March 10th afternoon message, mobile phone Taobao released data show that the mobile phone Taobao 38 life festival offers total coverage to 800 restaurants, more than and 300 cinemas in more than 2000000 movie tickets; 230 KTV 55 thousand boxes, a total of 1 million 320 thousand hours of consumption; offline shopping 1500 brand counters involved; intime business, joy, new world (9.66, -0.64, -6.21%), Hualian, Wangfujing (17.94, -1.56, -8.00%), the country’s 5 largest retail group have joined to the "mobile phone Taobao 38 day in the life".

restaurant: 35 thousand table Qiangguang

from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Xiamen 9 city a total of more than and 800 restaurants participated in the 3.8 Taobao mobile phone life festival, providing a total of more than 35 thousand dining reservations, to accommodate 270000 people dining, called the largest in the history of the party action group, the equivalent of 54 pendulum 5000 people in the Great Hall of the people’s party.

from Amoy little platform data show that from March 2nd 0 to accept is scheduled to start in two minutes, 85 dining reservations Hangzhou new White Deer Restaurant released in March 8th, it was crazy friends booked. On that day, scheduled to start in 40 minutes, the new white deer, leopard, small southern, spicy temptation, Riverside City, carved sirloin and other 19 catering businesses release position directly sold out.

‘s most popular restaurant: 100 year old sought after O2O

according to statistics, the Guangzhou city Guangzhou time-honored restaurant in section 38 hand Amoy life won first prize, in March 8th 1550 orders the day ranked first in the restaurant industry.

1550 orders, what is the concept of it, according to Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok 300 wedding banquet tables to calculate March 8th is equal to the day Guangzhou restaurant held 5 giants wedding.

and the city of Shanghai, Shanghai Spring Restaurant in March 8th 544 table, average more than 88 yuan per deposit amount to become the tallest restaurant.

movie ticket: 2 million tickets for a box office booster

third party data show that in 2013 the national cinema attendance average of only 15%. This time, the mobile phone Taobao 38 life festival, a total of more than and 300 participating theaters, cinema seats provide more than 2 million, so that those participating theaters 3.8 day attendance up to 95%.

the morning of March 5th 10, mobile phone Taobao push the first movie to grab votes activities began: the capital of Beijing in March 8th 8, 14:20 cinema screenings 300 seat hall was the first seckill finished with a time of only 20 seconds; then, UME, Lumiere, Wan Da (8 city) released the movie tickets sold, up to 5 1>

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