The first party e commerce solutions HOMY watch traditional business pain points

at 2 p.m. on August 10, 2016, the first e-commerce solutions conference held in Chengdu, Optics Valley coffee grand. Chengdu pace who Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Zhu Zhu, director of Chengdu region Tian Jingjing CDH investments, President of China Western Internet and data association Zhao Yong, southwest of the largest container cloud platform Ghostc loud founder Yan Dong attended the conference on the future development of the electricity supplier of speech. Major portals, television stations, dozens of media attended the conference.

hit the pain point: the traditional electricity supplier self electricity supplier system, a key control channel

conference, Chengdu Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Zhu Zhu pace, expounds the bottleneck of traditional brand and business brand development stage, put forward the concept of "first party e-commerce solutions", and made a keynote speech. In his speech, Zhu Zhu stressed that the traditional brand marketing has gone through three stages of development, at this stage the brand needs to do more is a comprehensive integration of resources packaging.

although the rapid development of e-commerce, but China’s traditional enterprises did not enjoy such a dividend of development, a large number of traditional enterprises settled in the electronic business platform, profit was eroded by the third party platform. A large part of the profits of enterprises are spent on the channel costs, but not for improving production efficiency, technological innovation. High platform costs and settled threshold, has hindered China’s many small and medium enterprises electricity supplier road. More and more enterprises realize that only to do their own platform, the customer firmly in their own hands, can achieve the development of the brand, to achieve the real take-off.


HOMYi, close to the enterprise business needs, in line with the future development of the road electricity supplier, as the "first party e-commerce" concept of the pioneers, dedicated to every enterprise bring complete business solutions. According to the company’s official website, its own store and enterprise APP construction and maintenance costs are high, HOMYi provide customized website and related services for the enterprise micro official website of APP development and cost saving, fast and efficient completion of construction. In addition, according to the current situation of the Internet, many users of the entrance dispersion, the innovation of HOMYi to integrate the Internet entrance, WeChat, micro-blog, Baidu direct docking, Alipay service window, contacts, easy to believe the backstage management platform, a systematic path to solve all the problems.

accurate user management, marketing more efficient

in-depth study and application of large data, the focus of the enterprise is increasingly focused on how to use big data for precision marketing services, and further tap the potential business value. HOMYi has a professional cloud to analyze user image, screening for users of the data on a variety of latitude, the formation of intelligent fan labels, according to each activity and commercial automatic drawing fans portrait, opening precision marketing.

for mature companies with a lot of users, the need for regular planning activities and user interaction >

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