Future B2B electronic business platform or the main content marketing

the past double eleven, Ali 35 billion directly challenge the traditional retail sales. Today, Taobao bought 36 million to twelve day all Shuangseqiu to all users to, just to promote the mobile phone Taobao client. The success of its eleven marketing model coupled with the promotion of the current efforts to bring all electricity supplier companies have endless thinking. For B2B enterprises, the traditional marketing model has apparently reached a bottleneck, in the face of Ali this tide, more B2B enterprises hope to learn from the successful model, develop new marketing mode, better service for businesses.

The previous

B2B marketing just send some outside chain, the famous website advertising greatly, sending emails, the traditional marketing model, not only the effect is poor, and the cost and the cost is proportional to the very difficult. In addition, the current electricity supplier industry gradually normalized, the market environment has gradually improved, if the traditional marketing model does not change, how to go on?

according to the relevant data released by the domestic display, at present, some domestic B2B marketers began to use content marketing more than 93%, more than 50% of B2B companies will also be included in the marketing of content marketing budget. Whether it is on the large platform such as a Alibaba, B2B, HC, or on small and medium sized B2B platform such as inter Tong Bao, Bao content consultation, marketing mode in order to break the shackles of the bottleneck. Faced with this situation, in 2014 the content of the marketing platform will become the main marketing model B2B.

Bao Xiao Bian believes that the content of marketing mode in the future will be based on the traditional marketing mode, adding new media or channels such as soft, email, blogs, event marketing, social media marketing etc. so as to form a new marketing model. Pre estimates, in 2014 the proportion of social media marketing model accounted for the content of the marketing may exceed 50%. Why do you say that for two reasons:

, a new type of social media marketing, like micro-blog, WeChat these mainstream social platform users have billions of dollars of its huge user base, so that more and more consumers are involved in the social platform, naturally, more businesses will choose social media as the main battlefield of marketing. But for the B2B platform, not only can obtain better flow but also considerable to communicate with the user, direct customer demand, the development of potential users.

second, now WeChat and micro-blog marketing public platform has become the most large electricity supplier by means of promotion, WeChat public platform combined with O2O, micro-blog and B2C fit large marketing promotion, these are social media platforms to bring the advantages of B2B platform, it can be said that the spread of social media platform decisions the effect of content marketing. Not only that, all kinds of information icon will also show the main content of the marketing, and the social media is playing a leading role.

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