Vip com matchless 11 plan 200 brand to please a woman for a whole month

news November 3rd, has been a concern of the sale website in 11 during the double is relatively low-key, yet open large-scale publicity campaign. Through and related personnel exchanges, billion state power network learned that will launch the Queen’s arrival in November 5th, activity continued until November 11th.

during this period, will be in accordance with each category set theme, and set up a separate promotional pages, forms of activities is still the sale began at 10 p.m..

zero on November 11th, will launch the queen feast this one of the most important activities during the promotion. There will be 200 brands were selected to participate in the "Queen feast" activities, women’s clothing, shoes, cosmetics cover and other important category. These 200 brands in the event will be a new start. said that now the list of 200 selected brands have not yet been fully determined, on the brand structure is difficult to disclose. In terms of stocking, said it would refer to the daily sales situation, not too much additional stock. " is designed to do the sale site, so there is a special activity in November is not large."

According to

billion state power network to understand, the promotional activities, brands still have to advance into the warehouse stocking. said it would be better to control the quality of goods. special emphasis on the important role of women’s user base, so the introduction of the special promotion. But will also be combined with the Annie Yi movie "I am Queen" for marketing, to attract users attention the queen entered this activity.

discount on the intensity, did not put forward the slogan of the lowest price of the whole network, but the user set up a full audience consumption of 499 yuan, to send $100 coupons activities. "we think the benefit behavior can make consumers get real benefits."

addition, is not worried about the logistics problem during the big promotion. Our logistics and distribution has been achieved nationwide coverage, even in the double peak hours of 11, a second tier cities users should be received within one or two days of goods."

it is reported that, although this year, 11 pairs of promotional more low-key, but many businesses and industry are very concerned about this channel, that has a strong sales potential in the dual period of 11. Last year, has launched in November, every day double 11 campaign ahead of the release of consumer demand for shopping. There are media reports, during last year’s double 11, men’s clothing brand taizilong reached 20 million yuan sales in

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